LIBERIA: VP Taylor Makes Recommendation To Reshape Education Sector

The Liberian Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor has urged authorities of the Ministry of Education (MoE) to contemplate reshaping the academic curriculum to allow students entering the senior high level the opportunity to do specialized studies or courses based on their intelligence.

Taylor observed that there are some students who perform better in the sciences, while others are good in subjects relating to the arts and, as such, it is important that the MoE considers reshaping its academic curriculum to give students the opportunity to venture into the area or courses that suit their intelligence.

Speaking recently in Ganta, Nimba County at the official launch of the Liberia National Debate Championship organized by Youth for Change Incorporated, the Vice President emphasized that instead of the traditional academic curriculum which allows students in the senior high division to do more than 13 subjects, the ministry must provide a framework that allows for specialization.

“We are hoping, Mr. Minister, that as we move to another level we should be able to direct our students in a way so that those who are smarter in the science subjects will focus only on them, while others who are smarter in the Arts will focus on just those subjects,” Taylor noted.

“By that,” the Vice President indicated, “you will get the best out of each student in your classrooms. And this is how education is being provided around the world.”

She stressed the need for the MoE to work on that recommendation as, according to her, the country’s education system has lagged behind others in the sub-region for too long and now is the time to work hard to change the situation.

Taylor further observed that some high school graduates matriculate to university without even knowing what exactly to study, noting that this is highly responsible for the long stay of many Liberian students in the universities.

She asserted that due to the huge log of subjects that students have to cover, some of them find it difficult to navigate through secondary school and, in many cases, those students end up dropping from school with the notion that academic education is not good for them.

“This is something that has killed the dreams of many young students in our nation for too long,” Taylor opined.

Vice President Taylor argued that until the necessary changes are made to the country’s education system, the nation’s dream of massively improving its education sector will not be actualized, further urging that the MoE and partners to work harder to improve the nation’s education sector.


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