LIBERIA: Vice President Taylor Encourages Students To Refrain From Early Sex

Liberian Vice President, Jewel Howard-Taylor

Liberian Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor has encouraged students of the Lead Monrovia Football Academy (LMFA) to desist from early sex as it has the propensity to deprived them from developing their potentials in life.

“It is better to wait and understand everything in life because, if not, your parents will be disappointed to see you drop from school,” Madame Taylor said.

Speaking during her Valentine’s Day visit  to the LMFA academy at the Konola Mission School in Margibi County at the weekend, Taylor called on the students to always remember to share and show love to  their parents, siblings and friends, noting that their good deeds should not be manifested only on Valentine’s Day.

The Vice President added that one way in which the students can show love to their teachers and parents is to always obey and do the right things which, according to her, will help encourage their parents and teachers to do more things that will prove beneficial to their livelihood.

Meanwhile, the Liberian Vice President urged the students of LMFA to always show appreciation to their teachers as well as their parents for the knowledge they are imparting in them.

She indicated that by using the two magic words – “Please and Thank You” – the students will have the chance to receive lot of opportunities, adding, “If you get used to using these words, they can help open many doors.”

Madame Taylor also called on parents to sacrifice and provide the basic education for their children which will enable them be better citizens in the society.

Taylor then promised to make contact with international partners to help with the construction work of LMFA for the betterment of the students.

“Not in a long distant future, you guys will be able to move to your own facility where you will have a better place than you were,” Taylor stated.

She extolled authorities of the Konola Mission School for accepting students of the LEAD Monrovia Football Academy at their premises, citing that it was shocking and worrisome when the institution was asked to vacate the facility they were occupying in Careysburg.

“Thank you so much for agreeing to host them temporarily here. God will bless you for what you have done.

“You have helped almost hundreds of our children who are future leaders to be stable, be loved, be protected, be guided and also be able to see their dreams come to past. The future of the children will be brighter because of the training they are undergoing,” Taylor said.

Meanwhile, the students of LMFA thanked the Vice President for her tremendous support toward youths and for the construction of the academy.


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