LIBERIA: “Use County Meet to Demonstrate Nationalism” President Weah Urges

Liberian Leader, President George Manneh Weah

(Accra, Ghana): The President of the Republic, Dr. George Manneh Weah has urged Liberians to take pride in their local traditions as they go all out to support their county teams.

In a message to mark the commencement of the National County Meet, the Liberia Leader said the “exercise serves to integrate our various cultural heritage in order to unite us a people”.

The National County meet is an annual sporting competition which pits the various political subdivisions against one another in friendly encounters. Since its commencement in the 1950s, the competition has served to spot local talents, while also harnessing Liberia’s cultural heritage.

“Over the past years, as the tournament garnered steam, it has come to epitomize a period when we take on a carnival atmosphere as we support our counties,” President Weah said in his message to the nation. He implored Liberians to use the ambience of the tournament to “break down all divides”, be them political, ethnic or social.

“The 2021 competition should in fact be particularly significant,” he said, “coming on the heels of a very polarizing electioneering period”. But the Liberian Chief Executive stated that the tournament presents an opportunity to demonstrate “true nationalism.”

He also urged all officials, supporters and spectators to respect the match officials and refrain from interference. “Let fairplay and respect for the rules of the games be the hallmark of the tournament”, he said.

Source: Executive Mansion

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