LIBERIA: Upsurge In Mysterious Deaths, Disappearances In Sinoe County

Since the beginning of the month of December, mysterious deaths and disappearances of individuals seem to be on the increase in three districts in Sinoe County.

In Jacksonville City in Tarjuowon District, a 22 year-old man disappeared last Friday evening while on his way back home from a visit and is yet to be seen.

In Numopoh Town, Kpanyan District, a 16-month old baby was stolen from the front of her house where she was playing with other children when the mother went to pick okra from the garden to prepare the evening meal.

According to Sinoe County Superintendent Lee Nagbe Chea, just recently in Greenville, a 16 year-old boy identified as Teddy Reed was discovered dead on the beach around the Mississippi Blue area with body parts extracted.

The current situation in the county has instilled fear in citizens to move freely and they have appealed to the government through the Ministry of Justice to launch an investigation to establish factors responsible for the recent development.

But in an interview with the Liberia News Agency in Greenville at the weekend, Sinoe County Superintendent Chea disclosed that investigation has proven that the death of the 16 year-old in Greenville has signs of foul play.

He explained that a 15-man jury, which inspected the dead body, pronounced that the death was not natural, but a result of ritualistic activity.

On the mysterious disappearances in Jacksonville and Numopoh, investigation will be launched to establish what actually happened, Superintendent Chea said.

Meanwhile, Superintendent Chea has assured residents of Sinoe County that under the Weah government there will be no tolerance of anyone who harms other people, adding that “the government will do everything possible to bring perpetrators of evil acts to justice.”

The current mysterious deaths and disappearances seem to be the first to hit Sinoe County in recent times, but similar incidents happened twice in 2011, where two people aged 36 and 42 years disappeared in Greenville in the Fish Town Community as well as two mysterious deaths in Tarjuowon and Juarzon Districts.


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