LIBERIA: UL New Dean Adopts Let’s Act Together-A Zero Tolerance Policy Against Academic Frauds

Dr. Josephus Mosses Gray

Following a major leadership reorganization at the University of Liberia (UL), the Dean of the College of Social Science and Humanities, Prof. Dr. Josephus Mosses Gray, PhD, on Thursday received the keys to the Official office of the Dean of Liberia College from the former Dean of the college, Prof. Sekou Konneh. Prof Konneh has been appointed to the post of Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs of the University of Liberia.

The President of the University of Liberia, Rev. Dr. Julius Sarwolo Nelson recently appointed Associate Professor and Full-time faculty of the Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida Graduate School of International Studies University of Liberia, Prof. Dr. Gray as Dean of College of Social Science and Humanities (Liberia College).

Speaking at the official turning over ceremony which was attended by the various Heads of Departments of the Liberia College, Prof. Konneh gave details of academic and operations of the College, and encourages Dr. Gray to feel free to contact him any time. He used the occasion to call on the various heads of departments to support Dr. Gray’s leadership for the growth of the college and the UL at large.

In his brief remarks, Dr. Gray extolled the President of the University of Liberia, Rev. Dr. Julius Sarwolo Nelson for the opportunity to serve the University, state and the Liberian populace in the capacity as Dead of the College of Social Science and Humanities of UL. He promised to be a team player, describing himself as ‘people centered-oriented’, vowing to work meritoriously. Speaking further, Dr. Gray praised Professor Konneh for his new preferment, especially for remarkable achievements.

“My office has adopts a resolution of : Let’s Act Together-A Zero Tolerance Policy Against Academic Feauds, Dr. Gray noted”.

Dr. Gray used the occasion to commend the Heads of Departments, faculty, and staff of the College for being committed to duties. He appealed to the Heads of Departments (Chair-persons) and faculty to support his leadership for the realization of Dr. Nelson’s vision for the UL.

He reminded them that the University is on the threshold of a revolution that needs support and commitment of members of the UL family. Concluding, Dr. Gray said: I am accessible anytime, feel free to contact, the office is opened to the honor of your presence”.

Prof. Gray earned a PhD in International Relations and Diplomacy with summa cum laude from CEDS University in Paris, located at 37 Quai de Grenelle, 75015, Paris, France. He also holds MA and BA Degrees in International Relations and Print Journalism from the University of Liberia.

Prior to his appointment, Dr. Gray served as Assistant Professor and Full-time Faculty at the IBB Graduate Program of International Studies where he teaches several senior courses and served as masters’ thesis supervisor.

He has written and published three books and also phblished over 100 researched articles on national and international issues including foreign policy, diplomacy, internatitional relations, journalism, Geopolitics, Gender Imbalance, Democracy and Governance, Liberia-America and China Relations, the Impact of Foreign Aid. among others.

His doctoral dissertation focused on “The Effect of Diplomacy Liberia, U.S, and China’s Triangular Relations”, defended before an academic jury of four French academics including Dr. Faund Nohra, Associate Professor at Paris Dscartes/ Academic Director of CEDS supervised Dr. Gray dissertation; Dr. Michael Strauss, Professor at CEDS, Dr. Michael Lebedev, Professor at CEDS and Diplomat; Dr. Souha Akiki, President of Paris Graduate School and Professor at CEDS.

The dissertation contains 566 pages, 3,123 paragraphs, 202, 916 words and 2, 470, 268 characters both single and double spacing, while it contains 9,750 punctuation marks, 855 in-text citations. The research work also contains 590 references and 16,265 lines.

The study is organized into three major parts and comprises ten major chapters; it sums up with the findings of the study and gives recommendations.

Dr. Gray is among several proven academics and professionals recently appointed by the authority of the University in consultation with relevant authorities in the spirit of reform and realignment, as the university is on the threshold of a revolution towards institutionalized research, resource mobilization and investment, among others, toward meeting the needs of the UL’s constraints and the Liberia populace at large.

In his letter of appointment, UL President Dr. Nelson  writes: Your duties and responsibilities shall place you under the direct supervision of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) of the University of Liberia, shall include, but not limited to Administrative supervisor with direct responsibility for academic and operations, supervising teachers and research including faculty research, allocation of teaching loads, preparation of summaries of department grades, evaluation of the university library, as well as making recommendations to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Other responsibilities include submission of annual report on the operations of the college, keeping records and evaluating faculty, staff and students’ activities achievements and progress, and performing other duties that may be assigned by the Vice President for Academic Affairs or the President of the University of Liberia.

Yhe College of Social Science and Humanities (Liberia College) comprises of 16 departments of which nine are degrees granting departments; the college is the largest in terms of department and the fourth-oldest established college in Africa.

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