LIBERIA: Two Foreign Diplomats Present Letters Of Credence To President Weah

(LINA) – President George Manneh Weah has received the letters of credence from the ambassadors of the Vatican Embassy and the Democratic Republic of Congo respectively.

The two diplomats, who submitted their Letters of Credence Wednesday, January 18, were Archbishop Walter Erbi, Apostolic Nuncio Vatican Ambassador and Marie Helene Okitundu Ayaki, Ambassador of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In brief remarks, President Weah welcomed Archbishop Erbi to Liberia and expressed optimism that his presence would help re-energize and strengthen the ties subsisting between the Vatican and Liberia.

According to a statement from the Executive Mansion, the President historicized the relationship between Liberia and the Vatican which, he said, now spans several years.

He praised the Catholic Church’s contributions to Liberia in the area of education and health.

“It is my belief that your stay as well as the working relationship between us will be successful during your incumbency,” the President stressed.

President Weah extended heartfelt condolences to Pope Francis and the Vatican family for the loss of Pope Benedict XVII.

In response, Archbishop Erbi, Apostolic Nuncio Vatican Ambassador, thanked the President for the warm reception accorded him and acknowledged how far the relationship between the Vatican and Liberia has come.

He promised his full commitment to working with the government to enhance the existing ties with the Vatican, adding that with his presence in Liberia, the Catholic Church, which caters to the wellbeing of humanity, would endeavor to seek the wellbeing of the citizenry.

In a related development, President Weah also welcomed Amb. Marie Helene Okitundu Ayaki of the Democratic Republic of Congo to Liberia.

Dr. Weah thanked Ambassador Okitundu for her preference and for upholding the relationship between the two countries.

The President hoped that peace would return to the DRC, promising to do everything within his powers to ensure that peace reigns in the DR Congo.

Ambassador Akayi said she was happy to be back in Liberia and at the Embassy, where she once worked for 16 years as Charge d’Affairs.

She said she is ready to work at the Embassy, which has been opened since 1966.For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our local coordinating team- Mrs. Clara McIntosh, Chair Person; Mr. Sekou Korleh, Co-Chair; Ms. Sherie Fassasi, member and Mr. Abraham Sesay, Member.

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