LIBERIA: Tubman University Faculty Demands Removal Of President Wilson, On ‘Go Slow’

From E. Varney Kamah, GNN Correspondent, Maryland County|

President of the Faculty Association, Mr. Francis Fuka, addressing reporters

Members of the Tubman University Faculty Association in Maryland County are calling for the immediate removal of the President of the University, Dr. Elliot W. Wilson; they made the disclosure today, February 28, 2022 during a news conference on the campus of the University in Harper, Maryland County.

Reading the press statement, the President of the Faculty Association, Mr. Francis Fuka, said the faculty of the university will  not teach until the President of the university removal is achieved, and others issues affected them is  addressed.

Below is the full text of the press statement:

“We gather here once more as Tubman University Faculty Association (TUFA) not for the sake of induction of our officials – an induction which was boycotted by the entire University Administration, but to send a clear message that enough is enough as we will no more subject ourselves to the insults and intransigence of this administration.

Since December 20, 2021, we have been engaging the administration of Tubman University (TU) to provide redress to issues affecting faculty members here at TU. Sadly, there has been neither the determination nor that desire on the part of administration to doing so.

Even after TUFA had given them two extra weeks and warning of possible actions, Dr.Wreh-Wilson has opted to remain in Monrovia while his caretakers issue press release and appear on radio talk show to address TUFA.

What kind of president tells lecturers and professors that they don’t have brains; that they are useless if they drank more than a bottle of beer a week; what kind of president tells his faculty members they are “bloody liars”; that he spent 4,000 USD to dig his late wife’s grave whereas we just do our own anyhow here in Liberia; what kind of president goes on record to dissolve the board of a university? What kind of president calls his employees enemies? What kind of president tells you whom to befriend?

What kind of president calls students dogs? WE WILL NOT WORK WITH SUCH A PRESIDENT.he administration of Dr. Wreh-Wilson has denied us of privileges ascribed to us by virtue of our respective positions, while constantly insulting and disrespecting us both in public and private spaces. The economic situation in this part of Liberia is challenging -so much so that saving is not an option for many employees. While we lament this and other conditions, Dr. Wreh-Wilson and his cabinet members continue to apportion unto themselvesmoneys that could otherwise be used for the betterment of the entire university. This is evident by the fact that Dr. Wreh-Wilson, in addition to his salary pays himself 30, 000 USD annually as research allowance, followed by S. Benson Barh– 12,000 USD, Mle-Too Wesley – 12,000 USD, T. Dan Jah Bestman – 6000 USD, Rev. Mathew Akinsulre – 7,200 USD, Gbalee Gray – 7,200 USD, Anthony Siakor – 7200 USD, Emmanuel Y. Harmon – 7200 USD, Isaac L. George – 6000 USD and Philip A. Theoway, Executive assistant to the president – 2400 USD. Ladies and gentle, the total of their so – called research allowance costs TU 97,200 USD yearly.

The question to all of us is this. What research are they doing? At least one of them is on record admitting to using part of his research allowance to give “Tips” and to also provide lunch for the people he meets in offices in Monrovia (and we demand an investigation into such indictable comment). Currently, a computer class of 31 students has six computers. Ninety-seven thousand two hundred United States dollars can buy computers for our labs. Ninety-seven thousand two hundred United States dollars can provide housing and or housing allowance for faculty members.

Ninety-seven thousand two hundred United States dollars can provide better offices for teachers. Ninety-seven thousand two hundred United States dollars can equip our laboratories. Ninety-seven thousand two hundred United States dollars can be used to send faculty members away for studies. We could go on and on. Many of us have spent more than ten years of our youthful lives working here at TU.

We are aging with little or no prospect of graceful retirement in sight. We get sick with limited options for advanced medical care. Thank God for J.J. Dossen Hospital and PIH – otherwise, only God knows how many of us would still be standing here today. Coming here to teach is great sacrifice. You deny yourself the relative luxury of the city, family time, recreation, advanced medical care. And if you do have kids, options of early childhood educational facilities are very few. We deserve better!

TRANSFER – Dr. Wreh-Wilson has used the Library, and most recently the classroom as his prison. This is not without violation of the University handbook. A trained accountant was few months ago transferred to the classroom after his audit reports showed that one of the vice presidents had stolen more than one million Liberian dollars from the school bus fund. Recently, this president unilaterally transferred a

Bachelor Degree holder to the classroom and assigned the person in question the rank of an Assistant Professor. What university president does that? Additionally, Dr. Wreh-Wilson has reemployed former employees who were once upon a time dismissed for multiple reasons including stealing. We demand an investigation into those reappointments as these employees were not only brought back but weregiven higher positions and paychecks.

On the issue of retirement, we also request an investigation into recent act of  maneuvering that placed some support staff members in the classroom to avoid retirement when, in reality, they are not teaching.Wherefore, the Tubman University Faculty Association (TUFA) held a Special General Assembly Saturday, February 12, 2022, presided over by its

President, Francis K. Fukah, in line with its Constitution and By-Laws.Whereas, the Special General Assembly which was held on the campus of Tubman University here in Maryland County – Liberia with majority of faculty members in attendance.Wherefore, the President of TUFA briefed the Special General Assembly on the status of the communication requesting Tubman University Administration to address issues affecting faculty members since December 20, 2021.

Whereas, faculty members present at the Special General Assembly lamented the unwillingness of administration to meet, discuss and implement our request ingood faith.Whereas, these issues include but not limited to:a. Salary – Present communication(s) fromGovernment of Liberia (GoL) instructing TU to effect 3%, 5%, 7.5% and 10% deductions from employees’ salaries Harmonization – There are still disparities across divisions and we request the matrix used in harmonizing salaries of employees in order to understand before and after salaries as affected by Harmonization.

  1. Salary Increment – Increase salaries of faculty members to reflect the current economic realities especially in this part of the country. c. Tenure and Promotion – Provide Faculty members research allowances to enhance their path towards research, publication and promotion just as the president, his executive assistant and other cabinet members are allocated United States Dollars ninety-seven thousand two hundred (USD97,200.00) annually in research allowance.
  2. Employment Status – Provide employment status, not contract after probation.
  3. Housing and Compensation:
  4. Maintenance Fees – Immediately cease any and all forms of maintenance fees deductions and constitute an audit into past collections and expenditure.
  5. Faculty Without Housing – Retroactively pay affected faculty members their housing allowances with immediate effect.
  6. SAAR insurance – Restitute deductions made from employees for forced insurance The below, which are not independent of the above must also be addressed concurrently: I. Provide offices for faculty members and Address the poor conditions of existing offices.
  7. Improve teaching conditions in the computer labs, laboratories and other classrooms across the university.

III. Restoration of monthly allowance of US800 for department chairs while retroactively paying past department chairpersons who were shortchanged.

  1. Payment of all outstanding faculty overloads.V. Address the backlog in Social Security Remittance for affected employees/contractors.
  2. Issuance of employees’ pay slips from 2019 to date.

VII. Provide TUFA with copies of the payroll from 2019 to date.

VIII. That MFDP, administration and TUFA discuss the University’s payroll relating to direct deposits from the ministry, payroll control, and the standard used across public universities. IX. Provision of residence and or work permits to employees who have already paid through salary deductions while restituting the money to those who have gotten their papers on their own.X. Revert to the selection committee’s recommendation or more importantly, the handbook’s regulation in awarding study opportunities to employees as opposed to handpicking of individuals.

  1. Provide TUFA with a well-furnished office on campus for its operations.

XII. Cease the involuntary transfer of administrative/support staff to the classrooms as a means of punishment.

XIII. Replacement of Dr. D. Elloitt Wreh-Wilson as President of Tubman University

Wherefore, considering administration’s lack of commitment to honor these issues affecting faculty members and by consensus at the Special General Assembly, the body overwhelmingly resolved to disengage from all academic activities effective Saturday, February 26, 2022 until all its demands are met.


George Emmette Emmette, MEng.

Secretary General President


Francis K. Fukah, Jr., MSc.

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