LIBERIA: Truck Drivers Taken In Custody For Allegedly Kidnapping Passenger

Flash Back: Man Handcuffed

The Monrovia City Court has detained two members of the Fula ethnic group for allegedly kidnapping a passenger for failure to pay his transportation fare.

Kidnapping is in violation of Chapter 14, Sub chapter C Section 14.50 of Liberia’s Revised Penal Code, and is punishable by a minimum of five years in jail.

Defendants Archie Bah and Soulama Bah were arrested on June 19, 2019, investigated and subsequently charged for kidnapping victim Mathos Gamamou who was taken from his residence in Congo Town in a commercial vehicle.

The victim, who is yet to be found, was reportedly kidnapped and taken to their Gurley Street residence, according to police investigation, for not paying their balance transportation fare of L$1,300.

Following police investigation, the defendants were arraigned before court to answer to the charge levied against them.

According to the Police charge sheet, prior to their departure from N’Zerekore on June 19, 2019 the victim paid the amount of two hundred thousand Guinean Francs at the parking station as part of the transportation fare, while the balance  of sixty Guinea Francs equivalent of L$1,300 should have been paid upon arrival in Monrovia.

The Police investigation indicated that prior to the arrival of the victim in Monrovia, he had already communicated with his brother to pay the balance transportation fare, but the victim’s brother said he was not going to pay the L$1,300 to the diver on grounds that the driver inflated the transportation fare.

He instead paid L$600 which the driver rejected and pulled off with the vehicle along with the victim and his luggage.

During police investigation, the defendants explained that the victim rode their vehicle from N’Zerrerkore in Guinea to Monrovia but they were unaware of his whereabouts.

They argued that the victim stopped at the Congo Town Musu Spot Community where his brother is living.

The defendants are currently in detention awaiting court trial.


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