LIBERIA: Traditional Council Invites Gov’t, Opposition, Stakeholders To Dialogue

Chief Zanzan Karwwor

The National Council of Chiefs and Elders (Traditional Council) has invited the Government of Liberia, opposition parties, prominent citizens and traditional leaders and other stakeholders to a dialogue slated for August 26 aimed at finding better ways to restore serenity to the country amidst growing political wrangling.

The Council head, Chief Zanzan Karwor, said at a news conference in Monrovia on Tuesday that being an advisory arm of the government and people of Liberia, they (Council of Chiefs and Elders) are urging President George M. Weah, members of the 54th Legislature, cabinet ministers, members of the Judiciary and opposition political parties to turn out for the dialogue which, he said, will be of benefit to the country.

“It is better for us to dialogue because, if we sit and watch our country turn into a war zone, we ourselves will be hurt because we do not have anywhere else apart from Liberia, and if Liberia does not succeed, we all will not succeed and if Liberia succeeds, we all will enjoy the goodness of our country,” Karwor stated.

The traditional chief indicated that the council’s decision to host a national dialogue is against the backdrop that they have observed that political tension is mounting in the country.

“People are protesting everywhere, security officers are in the streets with arms and every day you hear people on the radio insulting the President and government. Where are we going, what are we fighting for, is this what we want for this our country? We need to stop the negative things that we are doing because it is not good for Liberia,” he emphasized.

He observed that Liberia is getting harder daily because of the noise and hate messages that are being circulated across the country.

“No investor will want to come to a country with so much noise, protest, and division. We all have to come out on August 26 to listen to each other’s views as a means of finding common ground and move our country forward,” Karwor pointed out.

Chief Karwor is also urging Liberians to put the country first, be calm and work together for the betterment

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