Three Acquitted In Murder Case In Grand Gedeh County

After several weeks of a murder trial at the 7th Judicial Circuit Court in Grand Gedeh County, defendants Tanyson Toe, Alonso Tommy and Sunday Boule, have been acquitted and released from the National Palace of Corrections in Zwedru.

The three were charged with the crimes of murder, armed robbery and criminal conspiracy.

According to the indictment, on February 21, during the hours of 10:00 pm and 12:00 p.m. in Gulf Village, Gbarzon Statutory District in Grand Gedeh County, the defendants, allegedly without regard for human life, purposely, knowingly and intentionally shot the late Bob Gaye in his left leg and forehead with a single barrel gun, resulting to his death.

The indictment further stated that after shooting the deceased, the accused took away one power saw (STIHL 070) valued at US$1,750, US$5,000 cash, two cell phones valued at US$50 each, two single barrel guns worth US$300 and one solar panel valued at US$150.

During the arraignment, the defendants pleaded not guilty, and the state produced five witnesses whose testimonies were not sufficient to link the defendants to the commission of the crimes.

The police never retrieved any of the items stolen from any of the defendants and there was no fruit of the crime (FOC) produced in court.

Two of the defendants, Tanyson Toe and Alonzo Tommy testified that they were innocent and did not know the village where the crimes were committed and that they were somewhere else at the time of the commission of the acts.

The state did not produce any rebuttal witness to discount their testimonies.

According to the indictment, the police appointed a Jury whose report was contradicted by its chairman.

The indictment and the jury chairman said the man was shot in the forehead and his left foot; but the coroner jury said he was shot in his “foot and back.”

Based on the testimonies and evidence adduced before the court, Judge George Wiles ruled that the evidences were not sufficient to convict the defendants.

The Judge Wiles ordered the clerk to do a permanent release in favor of defendants Tanyson Toe, Alonzo Tommy and Sunday Boule to the National Palace of Corrections.

“The three defendants are free to go about their normal businesses, and they are no more to answer to the charges of murder, criminal conspiracy and armed robbery,” the judge ruled.

Atty. Isaac B. Williams and Atty. Payne served as prosecutors, while the defendants were represented by Atty J. Mact Kangar and Atty James C. R Flomo.

Meanwhile, the 7th Judicial Circuit Court in Grand Gedeh County opened with 11 criminal and 10 civil cases on the docket for the November Term of Court.

Only two of the criminal cases have been adjudicated so far.


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