LIBERIA: They Lied On Manco Boss ..Says Workers Union President

Victor Bedweh

The President of the workers Union of Mano Manufacturing company Abendigo Brooks told journalists Friday that Munah Davies was never beaten by the manger as earlier alleged.

He  said the report that she was hit by Mr. Assad Fadel are all lies intended to put the manager against  the employees.

Mr. Brooks said that the earlier interpretation  given by others were incorrect.

“From what the people said first, the story is different. From what I see here  from the CCTV compared, the manager did not touch  Munah at all,” he  told reporters on Friday.

This week,  some aggrieved workers accused the  General Manager of the company of beating madam  Davies.

According to him,  Munah is a pressure patient who has  fallen down before in the compound without anyone touching her.

His statement was buttressed by another employee, Victor Bedweh.  He added, “I was on the scene standing close to Munah. The manager never touched her or hit her. What the manager said was, the company no longer needed our services. As soon, he said it, I told him no.  Munah was never beaten or hit. Even you can see the CCTV camera inside. I have seen the CCTV and is very clear that what I am saying is nothing but the fact.”

Mano Manufacturing Company (MANCO) is the largest manufacturer of household health and cleaning products in Liberia. MANCO prides itself in providing quality household care and cleaning products across West Africa. Our products are rigorously tested and conform to international standards.

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