LIBERIA: The proliferation Of Sachet Water Production In Monrovia Requires Serious Health Attention

Everyone nowadays is become to be the sole distributor of sachet “Mineral’ water disregarding the health implication of the consumers who are the sole buyers and recipients of this product.

GNN investigation has revealed that several mineral water companies, producers of sachet water are increasing by the day in Monrovia and its environs, a situation that needs serious attention by the Ministry of Health in monitoring how these companies go about in the production of sachet water.

According to our investigation, some of these sachet water productions sites can be seen in slum communities without any precautionary action by owners of these sachet water producing companies, what pondered GNN-Liberia about the proliferation of sachet water production in Monrovia and other parts of the country is whether they are being monitored or inspected by health authorities in the country.

Their unsanitary conditions and locations has created serious concerns amongst Liberians who are calling on health authorities carryout a regular routine in the inspection of these sachet water production sites to ascertain their health protocols, and check the health condition of those in their employ.

Both the Ministries of Health and Commerce must see reasons of a regular monitoring of some of these facilities, many of whom who have established such businesses without the input of these institutions.

GNN-Liberia reporter who toured many of the sachet water production sites in Monrovia was greatly disappointed and scared about the deplorable conditions of some of the producing plants; many were unsanitary while employees of these  sites appeared also unsuitable to our reporter.

The Ministry of Health should not wait until there is an outbreak, which may eventually lead to the loss of lives as a result of chronic diarrhea due to contaminated water perhaps produced by unprofessional sachet water producers.

Some of the consumers of sachet water in Monrovia, many also called on the Ministry of Health to monitor many of these companies that are in the business of producing sachet water, noting that it is indeed prudent that action be taken against those companies that have refused to abide by the regulations of the Ministry of Health while producing unsafe drinking water for the use of the public.

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