LIBERIA: The FPA’s falsehood against the CPP must stop-Concerned Liberians Warn

In order to once again actualize their negative propaganda against the constituent political parties, under the banner the Collaborative Political Parties (CPP), purported video coined on social media with a statement said to come from the former Liberian leader, Charles G. Taylor calling on Liberians not to pour their overwhelming support for former Liberian Vice President Joseph N. Boakai and the political leader of the All Liberia Party, Benoni Urey during the country’s political proceedings.

After carefully listening to this purported video,, and the reading of an article which the detractors claimed to be the voice of the former Liberian leader, it was verified by people who are very  familiar with the former leader way of speaking, this action on the part of detractors has been considered as a fairy tale, as many the listeners burst into laughter, questioning the authenticity, and reason behind the production of such purported video and a falsified article posted on social media which many considered as a blatant lies coming from the belly of the devil.

Some Liberians who spoke to this writer, and had the opportunity to listen to this falsified video and read this fraudulent article said they are taken aback as to why people should create a situation that they cannot easily justify, but shamelessly write misinformation articles to satisfy their financiers.

This writer has also taken keen interest in a recently published article by FPA entitled, “Who’s behind US$180K Opposition Lobbying in Washington?”, this story has seriously claimed the attention of many including this writer which has compelled  him to do a research as to the actual facts relating to the paper’s allegation.

This writer want to send out a caveat to the author of these unsubstantiated articles aimed at targeting the constituent political parties to stop, as there has been no signing agreement for lobbying and a public relations purpose between the CPP and any group as it is been alleged by the FPA.

The paper also alleged that the opposition community has pumped in US$180,000 aimed at lobbying for a public relations campaign in order to gain US support for the opposition in Liberia, which the paper also alleged was registered in the name of Alan White and Jeffrey Birrell under the banner of the Liberian Renaissance Office Inc. (LIROI), this allegation on the part of the paper seems to be far from the truth, according to this writer’s research.

According to the FPA, as part of the deal, LIROI may try to arrange Washington visits for their leaders ahead of the December selection of a united opposition ticket to take on President George Weah and the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change.

When some members of the constituent political party was contacted, they denied ever making any arrangement with any firm to lobby, and further noted that they will never lobby for sanctions to be imposed on Liberia, but further warned the FPA management to stop publishing what they considered as fake news.

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