LIBERIA: Student Chernor Jalloh Donates Teaching Aids To His School

GNN Staff Reporter*

In an humbly attempts to contribute to his colleagues in the learning environment, a 12 grade student Chernor Jalloh has donated 6 pieces of ” Whiteboard” to his institution so as to have a good learning environment for both the students and classroom teachers.

Student Jalloh is the acting President of World Wide Mission School on Newport Street in Monrovia and also a political leader of Student Unification Movement (SUM) on the campus of World Wide Mission School who has been involved with series of donations to his institution since last academic year.

The acting President of World Wide Mission said that his donations to his institution does not have any political undertone because since he was admitted to the institution, it is something that he has been involved with before becoming leader for the institution.

Speaking with the Liberia News Agency (LINA) in Monrovia on the campus of World Wide Mission, Jalloh extends his sincere gratitude to the administration of his institution for creating the enabling environment for its students in terms providing the opportunities, to expose themselves and prepared for the future.

Jalloh added that as Student based political party SUM, they have decided to donate these teaching aids to their institution so that the institution (World Wide Mission) would be compared to other institutions in Liberia. “Even though our parents are paying our fees, but we can still be help to our school in terms of development. Because development cannot be done by one person. It is the conglomeration of everybody”.

He said that while it truth the education system in Liberia is undergoing serious challenges, and it was one of the reasons the President of the Republic of Liberia George Manneh Weah decided to pay the exam fees of all 12 grade  students; which has helped parents in many ways.

” If our learning environment should be compared to other countries learning environments, we all should be a help to our respective institutions in Liberia. We should not sit and see our institutions remain in “old age” learning place. Because the world is advancing every day. In other countries, students are learning from projectors. And some of those developments were done by the student body.”. Jalloh added.

“So, as Student Council Government on the campus of World Wide Mission under the banner of SUM wants to use this medium to present these learning aids in order to help buttress the administration efforts for an improved learning facility and also helps to promote our school system in Liberia”.

According to Jalloh, the total cost of the donation is Four Hundred United States Dollars ($400.00USD) as he cautions the beneficiaries ( Students) to take proper care of those learning aids because they will be used for students who are yet to enroll in the institution.

Receiving the donation on behalf of the institution, Rev. Reuben T Fiamahn who is the Principal of the institution lauded the Student Council Government headed by Student Chernor Jalloh for his kind gesture towards the institution as well as the student public as he calls on the student body to use these donation wisely in the best interest of everybody on the campus of World Wide.

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