Liberia Spiritual Summit for Peace, Reconciliation Launches Prayer Summit

A Prayer Summit  under the banner, Liberia Spiritual Summit for Peace, Reconciliation Prayer Summit  has been Launch in Monrovia  with  the holding of   five  Days Prayer aimed at healing Liberia from its bandage spiritually begins at the SKD in Paynersviel City outside Monrovia.

Speaking in an interview with Reporters at the opening of the program, Rev. Emmanuel Nimely, Religious Advisor to Liberia’s President issued a clarion call to engage the throne of God and pray for Liberia noting that it all started on August 13 2006 when he visited Ghana at the Liberian refugee camp, and the Lord spoke to him concerning a vision for the country, which is the peace and reconciliation submit.

He said due to the Country’s 14 years of civil war, everyone was affected as such Liberia needs spiritual cleansing. “And this submit should be held across the country simultaneously for four days.” The Charismatic Prelate told journalists that over the years there have been praying and fasting alongside other spiritual leaders around the world this he said must continue.

He noted that Rev. Nimely however acknowledged that this submit will bring a great difference to Liberia’s spiritual growth, restoring Liberia’s image spiritually, restoring peace and reconciliations which he thinks is key to the Country’s development drive.

He referenced the book of (Luke 18: 1) as saying “let us always pray” and it is not because we prayed yesterday that means there wouldn’t be another prayer, it has to be a continuous process. “We are going to pray for Liberia’s physical and spiritual cleansing. Jerimiah 33: 3 says always call on me and I will answer,” he declared.

He used the occasion to call on all clergymen and women, deacon and deaconesses, the Liberia Council of Churches to be a part of the prayer submit as he believe that this is going to take Liberia to the next level spiritually and noted that a four day four days event which is also aimed at healing Liberia from its bandage spiritually.

According to him, the five days event which is also aimed at healing Liberia from its bandage spiritually begins e from December 8-12, 2021 at the SKD Sports Complex in Paynesville city.

“I am pleased to announce to you the proclamation of prayer to heal our nation and restore unto us the years the locusts have eaten.”

He said the national conference (prayer submit) bring together over 100 pastors and spiritual leaders from London, The United States, Nigeria, Ivory Coast Cameroon Sierra Leone, among others.

He said this submit is a global event as such all of the great spiritual leaders  are hers to raised up their hands to grace this initiative with their presence, and prayers.  “They are ready to bombard heaven alongside us.”

Also speaking, the President and Founder of the Five Star Ministerial World Alliance based in the United States of America, Bishop Dr. Fredrick T. Nah, Jr. says Liberia has not yet realized her full potential in her developmental drive since Independence.

Bishop Nah noted that lack of development in Liberia over the years is not normal, but rather has spiritual implications which must be dealt with spiritually.

He explains that the cleansing exercise will focus on every sector of the Liberian society, characterized by fast and prayers to change the minds and attitudes of citizens in transforming the nation.He urges Liberians to stand up and ensure their potentials are realized fully to help change the narrative of the country’s development spiritually, physically, and socially in the region, Africa, and the world at large.

Bishop Nah continues that the spiritual cleansing, peace, and reconciliation summit has brought together pastors and spiritual leaders from several States in America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, including Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, and Nigeria, among others.

He thanks President Weah for his commitment to ensuring the nation goes through this exercise of spiritual cleansing, saying Liberians come together and cry up to God through prayers, it will go a long way to maintaining peace and reconciliation among the people.

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