LIBERIA: Speaker Chambers Praises Outgoing Chinese Ambassador

House Speaker Dr. Bhofal Chambers has flowered the outgoing Chinese Ambassador Extraordinary Plenipotentiary to Liberia, H. E. Ren Yisheng for what the Speaker says ‘his good engagements with the Liberian Government and Beijing, China.

According to Dr. Chambers, he has followed the workings of Amb. Ren over the period of his assignment in Liberia as he ends his duty for a subsequent diplomatic Mission for his home Country, the People’s Republic of China.

Speaker Chambers has said that Amb. Ren has exhibited exceptional diplomat uprightness in the discharge of duties and pray him good tidings. The Speaker has also described China as one of Liberia’s good development partners, stating that China means well for Liberia’s development as evidenced by the Chinese Government’s continuing efforts in development projects in the Country.

In response to Speaker Chambers’ appreciation, Chinese Ambassador H.E. Ren Yisheng expressed how delighted he was at the moment and thanked Dr. Chambers for the recognition. Amb. Ren told the Speaker that he enjoys working in Liberia over the period of his duty and will keep Liberia close to his heart everywhere he goes.

The Chinese Ambassador says Liberia is a Country with great potential and he envisaged that the Country is poised to make progress, but cautioned that Liberians should keep the peace as elections take place this year.

Amb. Ren then expressed his gratitude to President George Weah, Speaker Bhofal Chambers, and authorities at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on behalf of the other diplomats and staff at the Chinese Embassy, stating that China will stand with Liberia in the country’s drive for development.

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