LIBERIA: Solway Mining Rubbishes Media Report That It Is Unhappy With Gov’t

Recent report by a local daily that the Management of Solway Mining Incorporated is ‘Unhappy’ with the Liberian Government has been rubbished by the authorities at Solway Mining Incorporated, describing such report as ‘Fake and Misleading’.

In a statement released by the Solway Mining Incorporated Management in Monrovia, said it wishes to state, in no uncertain terms, noting that such report published by The New Republic is completely false, baseless and misleading; intended to spread lies in the public space and create discord between the Government of Liberia and Solway Mining Inc.

The statement further noted that the Solway Mineral Development Agreement negotiations with the Government will not be derailed by detractors, but shall continue on course as an ongoing process.

The MDA process involves Legal, Technical, Operational, Fiscal, Social, Environmental, and several other factors under consideration that would guide the Development of Extraction, Processing and Shipping Iron Ore in a very responsible and sustainable method that would bring significant benefits to the people of Liberia from their natural resources for at least 25 years.

These negotiations are serious business. The fact that these detractors would spread such innuendos shows that they are very disturbed and grossly irresponsible, stressing, the management in the statement said, “Sadly, we know exactly where they are coming from”, adding further, said “We previously held them in much higher regard. We call on these detractors to cease and desist from child’s play and admonish them to urgently concentrate on more serious matters on their table”, the statement noted.

Meanwhile, the management of Solway Mining Incorporated is calling on the paper to desist in reporting misleading information to the public, adding, “If the paper seeking the facts it should come directly to the management, instead of reporting misleading news to the public”,  the statement warned.

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