LIBERIA: Six Persons Arrested in Kinjor After Violent Protest Action

Flash Back: Man Handcuffed

SINJE TOWN, – Six persons have been arrested in Kinjor following a protest action on Sunday, March 10, in demand of the replacement of some top officials of the Bea Mountain Mining Company.

The young people of Kinjor, for the second time on Sunday, staged a protest calling on the Bea Mountain Mining Company to replace the Community Relations Officer of the company, Mr. Sando Wayne, one Debbah Allen and the Human Relations Officer.

According to the Commander of the Liberia National Police assigned in Kinjor, Ambrose Brown, the six individuals were arrested for disturbing the peace of the community.

He indicated that several times the Police have warned the people of the town against illegal protests.

Commander Brown indicated that due to the violent posture of the protesters, the Police Commander of Grand Cape Mount County, Joseph Mulbah, and some officers from the Central Office of the Liberia National Police in Monrovia had to be deployed to help calm the situation.

The Police Commander said the leaders of the protesters, Askia Kromah, a former Representative candidate for electoral District One in Cape Mount County in the 2017 elections, and Armah Gray, former youth Chairman of Kinjor, have been transferred to the headquarters of the Police in Monrovia, while the remaining four protesters have been remanded in police custody at the Sinje Police depot.

He cited the recent burning down of the Kinjor Police Deport as one of the reasons for their transfer.

About three weeks ago, the Police Inspector General of Liberia, Col. Patrick Sudue, was in the gold mining town of Kinjor to address the people on the need to keep the area serene.

During his visit, he warned residents of the gold mining town against violent protests, noting that violent protests have the propensity to scare away investors.

Meanwhile, the Police Commander of the Kinjor Depot has assured the residents of Kinjor and the Management of the Bea Mountain Mining Company that Police will not tolerate any act of lawlessness in the town.

He, therefore, called on parents to advise their children to stay away from people who will want to use them for their selfish gains.

He said anyone coming in conflict with the law will bear the full consequences.


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