Liberia Sits On Time Bomb?

Liberia’s Military in readiness for any ‘Bush to shake’

According to unconfirmed report reaching the GNN, Liberians and foreign residents are said to be in fear due to countless number of speculations that recent alert released by the British Government advising its citizens not to come to Liberia seems worrisome, giving difference insight of the Country’s security situation.

The police is also on its watch

Since this diplomatic pronouncement from the UK was released last week, parents and guidance are said to be warning their kids, many of whom are socially addicted to staying in the streets at night, while couples are also cautioning their partners to control their social habits at night hours.

GNN investigation last week further discovered that there has been no warning from the National Security Agency as to any threat being posed to the lives of Liberians and other nationalities residing herein.

It was also discovered that since this pronouncement was made by the UK Government, Liberia’s security network has been in readiness for any eventuality relating to any form of planned situation that may cause the Country to be in secured.

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