LIBERIA: Sinoe Police Arrest Herbalist Over ‘Cruelty’ Claim

Flash Back: Man in handcuff on his way to prison

GREENVILLE, (LINA) – Police in Sinoe County capital, Greenville, in the Southeast, have arrested a ‘herbalist’, Timba Bolno, over allegations he was operating without legal document and tortured perceived witchcrafts in Panama Town.

The move by the law enforcement actors comes n the wake of nearly ten months of misgivings against the acts of Bolno.

Fifteen people have been victimized by the action of the herbalist while guilt was not proven. They had been placed in the rain and sun, and beaten, said Atty. Charles Mataley, adding that such violates the rights of those people as assured by law.

Prior to his arrest, Bolno is said to have refused a call by the Traditional Council of Chiefs and Elders in the county on August 19.

The elders had planned to request the herbalist to leave the county on grounds that his approval papers only give him the right to ‘heal the sick through traditional means’ and not to accuse people of being witches, a member of the Council of Elders told LINA.

But Bolno argued that he has valid documents obtained in Sanquin District in April, from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Traditional Council of Chiefs that authorizes him to work as he was doing.

“Even if the people he catches were guilty, they are still entitled to their human rights. Why place over 15 persons in a single traditional cell? This is in total violation of their rights,” Atty. Mataley maintained.

Meanwhile, Bolno has been incarcerated and investigated pending his arraignment.

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