Shaming The ‘Blackmailers’ Against NASSCORP Is Important

The Director-General of NASSCROP Dewitt Vonballmoos

Some media practitioners nowadays are using their profession to either intimidate or ‘Blackmail’ individuals who they perceived of not dancing to their financial gains, and believed that they should use the media to tarnish the hard earned reputation of their victims.

Recently several libelous articles have been posted on social media, and even in some local dailies aimed disdaining the character of the Director General of the National Social Security & Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP), Mr. Dewett vonBamoos aimed at seeking his financial benefits if he feels threatened of their smell campaign of blackmailing him.

NASSCORP Multi-Purpose Complex Now Being Occupied By LRA At The ELWA Junction Under vonBallmoos’ Administration

The Management of GNN believes this type of journalism by individuals claiming to be journalists and weighting their reportage is not healthy to this noble profession that many of us spent years to cherish, but rather bring many to public disrepute.

Reporting objectively without prejudice which is the right thing to do as a professional and trained journalist will be admired by many for performing your assigned duties instead of contrary is wronged and has the propensity to derail the professional services of this noble career, journalisms that many of the young generation are opting for as the lifetime profession.

Recent publication posted on social media and mounted in local dailies that the Director General of the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP), Dewett vonBamoos tagging him as a corruption official who has reportedly plundered the financial wealth of the corporation which he has served over the years conscientiously seems to be a ‘Myth’ pondering many Liberians as to the source of such allegation.

NASSCORP’s State Of The Art Diagnostic Center At ELWA Junction Under vonBallmoos’ Administration

The nationalistic commitment of the management team of Mr. vonBallmoos over the years has been transparent in all aspects, specifically the utilization of funds generated by constructing modern complexes in and around Monrovia backed with the systematic handling of the Employee Injury Scheme (EIS), and the National Pension Scheme (NPS) is worth commanding.

NASSCORP’s mission providing future financial security for those under the schemes – employees of both the public and private sectors of Liberia in the event of occupational injury, old age, invalidity or death, and with its vision striving at all times for corporate excellence in providing quality social protection services through the following: quality staff, sound financial management, high yield and viable short-medium term investments, effective and efficient monitoring and evaluation system under this administration is rapidly succeeding.

It is indeed amazing, and further more disappointing for a little known group calling itself ‘The Consortium of Anti-Corruption Advocates (CACA)’ urging the CDC-led Government to order a forensic audit of the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP) under the leadership of its current Director General for an alleged financial mal practices which was published in a local daily.

The action on the part of CACA by issuing press releases under the pretext that they are advocating for the people of Liberia sounds bewildered, questioning its sincerity especially during the posting of anti-articles on the professional and nationalistic services of the management team of Mr. vonBallmoos at NASSCORP.

CACA’s request ordering for an audit of NASSCORP management team should be in the right direction and not a ‘Blackmailing type’ and an intimidation for financial gain from the would be accused.

A hinds to a wise is quite sufficient

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