LIBERIA: Several Prosecutors Trained In Forest Related Matters

Participants At The One-day Training

In a bid to get abreast with forest related issues and new laws in the sector, several legal experts, most of whom are prosecutors of the Ministry of Justice drawn from across the country, have undergone a-one-day training in forest related criminals and civil offenses/violations.

The one-day prosecutors’ training was held Monday, November 23, 2020 in Monrovia and was organized by Heritage Partners Associates (HPA) with support from the Multistakeholder Forest Governance and Accountability Project (MFGAP).

In support of Liberia’s objectives for strengthening forest governance, MFGAP is contributing directly towards FGMC’s outcome to bring about governance and market reforms that reduce the illegal use of forest resources and increase benefit for poor people.

MFGAP also contributes to Forest Governance Markets and Climate (FGMC) impact to improve management of forests for poverty reduction, biodiversity conservation, and climate protection.

Accordingly, speaking at the start of the day-long training session, the head of HPA, Cllr. T. Nagbalee Warner said the purpose of the training is to make lawyers and people in the legal practice to be abreast with legal dynamism in the lforest sector.

“This training is intended for us to have a frank conversation about laws governing our forest sector. There are changes in the labor sector and the forest laws and so it’s important to be abreast with some of those changes as lawyers,” he stated.

Also speaking earlier, Cllr. Lucia D.S. Gbala of HPA, explained that HPA is among a consortium working together to improve the forest sector.

“We are providing capacity building support to communities in the forest sector as well as governing agencies including the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Liberia Revenue Authority LRA through capacity building,” she stated.

“Today is one of those activities that have been approved by MFGAP. This is to get everyone on board to make the sector accountable in governance. We will be discussing relevant laws that govern the sector,” the HPA official indicated.

Cllr. Gbala pointed out that the main objective of the workshop is to provide summary of the forestry laws and relevant laws and forest related crimes and basic violations in the sector.

“This gathering is meant for us to share our experiences, especially from you people that are in the field,” she added.

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