LIBERIA: Seven Health Workers From LAC In Grand Bassa County Confirmed COVID -19 Positive

From Wroinbee Tiah | GNN Correspondent | Grand Bassa County |

According to GNN Grand Bassa County Correspondent, seven health workers of the Liberia Agricultural Company (LAC) in Grand Bassa County have been tested and positive of the deadly COVID-19.

Our Correspondent quoting Gregory Walker, Deputy Incident Manager for Grand Bassa, 44 samples have been collected on the 21st of July, adding that 32 samples were received, and out of that 7 were confirmed, 9 pending, while 3 samples were misplaced. Mr. Walker also disclosed to our Correspondent that their investigation also unearthed that 74 high risks contacts, all are health workers.

A health worker from the Liberia Agriculture Company(LAC) was admitted at the LAC Hospital on the 7th of July and transferred to the ELWA Hospital in Monrovia an the 9th of July for other health circumstances and later tested positive for COVID 19 on the 14th of July 2020″.

He furthered narrated that, upon receipt of the information regarding her confirmation of COVID 19, the Grand Bassa Incident Command System immediately launched an investigation at LAC Hospital where the case was previously admitted for the other medical conditions”. He mentioned that the County Health Team is currently in LAC conducting investigation.

He also informed GNN that with the high cases from LAC Hospital, the hospital might likely be closed. Of recent, Grand Bassa County discharged 10 persons who recovered from  the virus in the County.

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