LIBERIA: Senior Citizen Calls On Opposition To Abandon Backbiting And Be Focused

Grannie Anna Lakeh (Photo credit: UM News)

As Liberians eagerly await the much talked about 2023 general and presidential elections and the continued conflict within the opposition, particularly the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), a senior citizen, grannie Anna Lakeh, in her early 90s, is calling on the opposition to stop what she called backbiting and focus if Liberia is succeed in the interest of the future generation.

In an exclusive interview with our Nimba County Correspondent in the commercial city of Ganta, Grannie Anna speaking through an interpreter said, Liberians, particularly the opposition politicians must see reason in unifying the people of Liberia, and stop creating a situation that will plunge Liberia into another unbearable situation.

She used the occasion to cautioned young people to desist from those vices that may challenge constitutional authority, noting, “These days children have deliberately refused to respect constitutional authority, it is not health for this country”, Grannie Anna in her soft-spoken tune told our Correspondent.

Reflecting on her days, in the early 1920s, Grannie Annie said the shower blessings from God was always on Liberia due to the level of respect people of those days had for constitutional authorities, adding, “But nowadays it is completely difference, people don’t have respect for the older ones, you see young people insulting their elders without the fear of God”, Grannie in a rather frustrated state of mind said.

Speaking further, senior citizen Anna Lakeh urged President Weah to continue to preaching the messages of unity and peace, and further seek the advice of senior citizens in the country to guard him in his quest for governing Liberia as it President, noting that it is important for the President to listen to his people who mean business for the growth of the country.

Like Grannie Anna, other senior citizens who spoke to our Correspondent in Ganta City, also lamented the importance of reconciliation in the CDC-led government, making sure that those who have the country at heart are place in position to help in steering the state of affairs, adding “President Weah and those in government alone cannot do it all with the input of others senior citizens.

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