LIBERIA: Senatorial Candidate Calls For Archie Ponpon’s Immediate Salary Payment

Activist and Judicial employee, Archie Ponpon  who yesterday, November 2, 2020  set himself ablaze before the Temple of Justice creating renewed discussions for taking issues of salaries and other related issues seriously has been backed by a senatorial candidate for his salaries and others to be settled.

Montserrado Senatorial Candidate Bernard Blue Benson says he’s saddened by the episode and wants Judicial employees paid unconditionally.

Hon. Benson in a statement issued in Monrovia Tuesday said yesterday’s episode could have been avoided if the Judiciary, yea the government had taken salary of its employees seriously. He says he deeply regrets the incident and hope it gets corrected to avoid future occurrence.

‘Archie earns little over 225 USD which would take decades to even make up to what the Chief Justice and other judges take home, yet they get their salaries on time, why not their underpaid employees,’ he stated.

The frustrated senatorial candidate is calling on the Judiciary to at the same time underwrite the cost of the victim who’s lying at the country’s run JFK Hospital bills.

The astute journalist said this is one of several reasons he’s running for the Senate to emancipate people like Archie who work hard but find it difficult to get their just earnings on time.

For thirteen months now the judicial employees have not seen their Liberian dollars salary component sparking protests on the grounds of the Temple of Justice.

Archie Ponpon, head of the Aggrieved Judicial Employees became a target with a writ of arrest issued on him.

While headed to court Monday, the matter took a dramatic turn when he poured gas on himself and lighted himself up to the dismay of onlookers.

He had earlier warned the Chief Justice who reportedly masterminded his indefinite suspension that he would self-immolate to no avail.

Yesterday’s situation has taken huge discussions in every corridor including the international spheres.

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