LIBERIA: Senate Pro-Temp Albert Chie Threatens Senator Dillon Of Removal If ….

“We Have The Power To Remove You”, Senate Pro-Temp Albert Warns Dillon

Following his induction as Senator of Montserrado County last week, Abraham Darius Dillon has been threatened by the Senate Pro-Temporal of the Liberian Senate, Grand Kru County Senator,  Albert Chie noting, “We Have The Power To Remove You; Here, the rules of the Liberian Senate are the Bible of the Senate. This is a political house you do what it says. You were elected by the people of Montserrado County but from today’s date you belong to the Liberian Senate that is why the framers of the Constitution stated that the power to remove you from here is not with the Liberian people, it is with us here; we alone have that power.” Pro-Temporal in his verbal warning cautioned the newly seated Senator.

However, notwithstanding, Senator Dillon in his induction bragged by telling his colleagues at the Liberian Senate that he will declared his assets, and further  instructed the Secretary of the Senate to published it while also urging his colleagues to do same.

He said his election to the Senate is for the people of Montserrado County and that he stands ready to serve them void of party lines, adding, “People in Montserrado County, it is time for me to pay back. The people of Montserrado have spoken. The people of Montserrado, I owe you and it is time to pay back base on our campaign promises. Today we want to reconfirm our commitment to those promises. I commit to fight for and defend your constitutional rights by upholding the laws of this nation and the duties of the Office of a Senator,” Senator Dillon said.

Senator Abe Darius Dillon taking the Oath of Office

Dillon intimated that based on the current situation in the country, he will settle for a cheaper vehicle, something that will mostly be used to enhance the movement of his staff and carry on his work in the county.

Despite the many promises made during the campaign period, Senate Pro-temp Albert Chie warned Senator Dillon that the Senate has the power to remove him.

Many political pundits have called Pro-temp Chie’s statement a complete threat to Senator Dillon.

“I believe the Pro-temp intends to scare Dillon from speaking on issues, especially one that has to do with the Executive influencing the Senate’s decision,” a political observer said.

Other pundits say, it is going to be an uphill battle for the new Senator to fulfill all his campaign promises after the Senate Pro-temp’s statement.

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