LIBERIA: SDI Gender Officer Joins Women in Western Liberia Demanding Speedy Justice for 2-yr-old Rape Victim

Madam Nornor Bee

The Gender Officer of the Sustainable Development Institute (SDI), Madam Nornor Bee has joined women in Gbarpolu and other counties in the region demanding speedy justice for 2years old rape victim.

The little child was allegedly raped by a high school teacher in Bopolu on Saturday September 10, 2022.

The alleged perpetrator, Joseph Ebenezer Flomo Kollie, 30 years old, has been charged with statutory rape and sent to the Bopolu Central prison awaiting court trial.

Following the incident, women in the county joined by the Western Region Women Network, a mother organization of women organizations have been knocking on the doors of the Superintendent of Gbarpolu to ensure the little child gets speedy justice along with other victims of Sexual Gender Based Violence in the county.

In solidarity with the women, the Gender Officer of SDI, Madam Nornor Bee said she stands with the women of Bopolu City and the Western Region Women Network demanding justice for the little girl and all other forms of violence against women in that part of the country.

Madam Bee said they have been involved in lots of awareness all geared to eradicate the menace from the Liberian society, but it seems their effort is falling on deaf ears.

“We are not giving up and we will not give up. We will continue to push until rape is eradicated from the society for everyone to enjoy peace and justice. We demanding justice for the little girl and every woman raped across the country and we want speedy trial in the current case in Bopolu City right now. We demand speedy trial and we called on whosoever that trying the case to act now,” she said.

Speaking earlier, the Head of Civil Society Organizations in the county, Madam Lydia Ballah who is also a senior staff of the Kukatonor Women Peacebuilding Network said they peacefully marched for justice against wickedness in the county on Monday; especially the raping of women and girls with perpetrators still at large.

“It has been happening and Gbarpolu is on the red map when it comes to rape. And we say we can’t allow it to continue. So, we are demanding justice for women. On numerous occasions we presented petitions to the Superintendent, but the danger still exists. So, we marched and say we don’t want rape again, we are demanding justice and peace,” Madam Ballah said in an interview.

Meanwhile, the Western Region Women Network, a mother organization (WRWN) for women organizations in western Liberia says it is in solidarity with the women of Gbarpolu.

“We will make sure the perpetrators are called to justice if not, the women will still go back and continue to demand for our rights for justice for ourselves and children,” she added.

Meanwhile, Madam Ballah said the Fiscal Affairs Officer of the county received their petition on behalf of the Superintendent who was not in office, saying during the November Term of court, he will make sure that the case and any other case is placed on the docket.

“We will make sure we are there to ensure justice for the poor especially the women,” she concluded.

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