Liberia Scout Association Receives Boost From Labour Ministry

The Liberia Scout Association has received a substantial boost with the recent announcement from the Ministry of Labour, indicating its intention to offer assistance.

The Liberian government through the Ministry of Labour, has outlined comprehensive plans to empower the association. On Monday, December 4, 2023, Liberia’s Labour Minister, Cllr. Charles Gibson, publicly disclosed ongoing discussions aimed at establishing a partnership in the presence of Senator Willington Geevon Smith, president with the Liberia Scout Association and some International partners from Kenya. This collaborative effort is designed to encompass capacity-building training and the creation of a robust policy framework to fortify the association’s operations.

Minister Gibson underscored the significance of the envisaged capacity-building training for the Scout Association. He articulated the Ministry’s commitment to the recruitment of individuals from the association post-training, with the objective of deploying them strategically across Liberia’s fifteen counties. Their role would be pivotal, collaborating with Labour commissioners in each county and actively contributing to the collection of government revenue.

This initiative reflects the government’s dedication to enhancing the capabilities of the Liberia Scout Association, recognizing their potential to significantly contribute to the nation’s economic development. The proposed partnership goes beyond mere skill development, signaling the government’s strategic approach to integrating the association into broader governance and revenue-generation processes.

By fostering collaboration between the Ministry of Labour and the Liberia Scout Association, the government is striving to establish a more inclusive and participatory framework for addressing labor-related issues and revenue collection at the grassroots level. This forward-looking strategy exemplifies the government’s commitment to harnessing the potential of diverse associations for the overall betterment of Liberia’s socio-economic landscape.

The envisioned collaboration not only emphasizes the immediate impact on the Scout Association but also highlights a broader vision for sustainable development. The government’s strategic approach recognizes that empowering associations like the Liberia Scout Association can have a cascading effect, positively influencing various aspects of the nation’s socio-economic fabric.

As discussions progress, the Ministry of Labour aims to develop a comprehensive training program tailored to the specific needs of the Scout Association. This program will not only enhance the technical skills of its members but also instil a sense of purpose and responsibility towards contributing to Liberia’s progress.

Meanwhile, the announced partnership between the Ministry of Labour and the Liberia Scout Association marks a significant milestone in the government’s commitment to fostering inclusive development. As plans unfold, the collaboration is poised to not only elevate the capabilities of the Scout Association but also serve as a model for engaging and empowering various associations in Liberia, ultimately contributing to a more robust and sustainable socio-economic environment.

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