Liberia Risks Being De-listed From Global Transparency Program

President George M. Weah

It is worrisome  for Liberians as their country may risk being delisted  from Open Government Partnership (OGP) if it fails to submit its National Action Plan (NAP) to Washington after December of this year, according to OGP Secretariat.

The OGP is a multilateral imitative that aims to secure concrete commitment from national and subnational  governments to promote open government, empower citizens, fight corruption, and harness new technologies to strengthen governance.

Making the disclosure Wednesday, October 2, 2019, the head of the OGO Secretariat in Liberia, Mr. G. Ralph Jimmeh, said six government ministries and have submitted their draft commitments, which are going to be scrutinized and validated to be captured in the NAP for onward submission to Washington before December deadline reaches.

According to Mr. Jimmeh, the OGP national action plan will be validated various nationwide consultative forums, and would be in line with the Pro-Poor  for Prosperity and Development (PAPD), especially in line with pillar four which speaks to transparency and  accountability.

Adding, “Those commitments that would be validated and capture under the NAP must be transparent and be able to affect the people. It is supposed to impact the lives of the people,” Jimmeh speaking noted.

He also disclosed that the Ministry of Finance, Development and Planning (MFDP) in its commitment, is expected  to provide budget reports; midterm and all other reports in line with the national cake. “The Ministry of Finance and Development Planning is supposed to develop a guide website that will inform citizens  about how their money will be expended. The Judiciary is commitment to open justice son that one can be a part to track cases. The Liberia Business Registry has embarked on beneficiary ownership so that everyone can know the actual owners of businesses,” Mr. Jimmeh pointed out.

Ralph who just returned from a forum on OGP in Dubai, revealed that Liberia was one of two African countries that have been supported for the crafting of its NAP, he further asserted that the country benefited US$65,000 for the development of its national program, stressing that this fund will be managed by the National Accountability Lab

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