Liberia Revenue Authority Honorably Retires 15 Employees

The Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) has retired 15 employees after their long years of services, dedication and commitment.

The retirees were decorated with special honors and given financial packages as a mark of appreciation for their outstanding contributions to revenue collection for Liberia.

The 15-retired employees, among others, worked in the Bureau of Revenue and Customs of the erstwhile Ministry of Finance until the establishment of the LRA in 2014, where they continued their invaluable services.

LRA Commissioner General Thomas Doe Nah thanked the retirees for their appreciated services to the entity and country while serving in their respective capacities.

“The LRA and the government want to say thank you for your services and the great job you have done for your people and country. The LRA appreciates you for the meaningful contributions; all of you gave your all for this institution and we are proud of you,” he stated during the ceremony held in Paynesville.

CG Nah noted that the mark of honor for the LRA retirees demonstrates the level commitment by the senior management in seeking the welfare of all employees.

The Assistant Director General for Public Information, Education and Training at the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASCORP), Winston Jah, lauded the LRA for appropriately dignifying the retirees.

“I am very delighted,” he said, “for the way you properly organized a sendoff for your colleagues; this shows that the LRA Management team places a high premium  on dignity of labor and we are very appreciative of such an honorably way you have retired them”.

Mr. Jah thanked the retirees for their long services to the nation and urged them to see their retirement as a point of transitioning from one payroll to another, as they are being rolled over to the NASCORP pension benefit payment scheme.

The scheme, among other things, provides monthly allowances to retirees for the rest of their lives, and continues with a designated beneficiary in case of death.

Gentry Gee and Jusu Sando, speaking on behalf of their fellow retirees, hailed the LRA management for the recognition and dignity bestowed on them. They called it a ‘proud moment’ of their lives.

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