Liberia Revenue Authority Awards 39 Devoted Taxpayers

The Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) has recognized and awarded 39 devoted taxpayers for their firm commitment tax payment and meaningfully contributing to the revenue envelope of the country.

The awardees were selected based on their respective tax contributions and performance during the 2016/2017 fiscal year. Each awarded was given a plaque certificate and a one-year tax clearance certificate.

GSM operator Orange Liberia received the Bronze Award as the Highest Tax Contributor nationwide, followed by Monrovia Club Breweries which got the Silver Award as the second highest, while the Lone Star Communication Corporation collected the Bronze Award as the third highest.

ACTIVA International Insurance Company Limited was awarded as the Most Complaint Taxpayer Nationwide; Firestone Liberia got the Most Compliant Taxpayer in the Natural Resource Sector, while ArcelorMittal clinched the highest tax Contributor in the Natural Resource Sector.

In the medium Tax Category, ARD TETRA TECH, Aluminum Kassir Inc. and Monroe Chicken got awards for being Most Compliant.Smartech Inc and John Building Material were recognized as being Most Compliant in the Small Tax Division, while Kumba Joseph who trades in Waterside received the Most Compliant Petty Trader Award.

In the Real Estate Tax category, Andrew Fallah of Foya, Lofa County was the highest contributor for Residential Property, Boulevard Palace clinched the highest for Commercial Property as Momolu V. Sirleaf of Cemenco and Frances Cooper were awarded respectively as highest contributors Industrial property and vacant land.

In the Customs Tax category, TOTAL- Liberia was awarded as the highest value importer in the petroleum industry while Abi Joudi& Azar Trade Corporation, A-Z Corporation and Founi Brothers where the highest import value in the merchandize sector. AFROPA collected the Most Compliant Importer Award.

The Most Compliant Customs Broker/Clearing Firm award was shared by Safeway Cargo, DESAC Group, Lemus Clearing and Faith International Clearing Agency. Nimba County was recognized as the highest contributing county to boarder import taxes.

Speaking at events marking this year’s Taxpayer Appreciation Day on Friday July 27 in Monrovia, the Officer-In-Charge of the LRA Decontee T. King-Sackie, praised the taxpayers for their vital contributions to Liberia’s domestic revenue mobilization.

“Thanks for being so faithful and willing to contribute to the revenue envelope of the government of Liberia as you have all exhibited exemplary performance based on the criterial that was set,” she told the awardees.

Madam Sackie pointed out that the hosting of the event marks a culture of reinforcing voluntary compliance to drive an increase in domestic resource mobilization within Liberia in line with the country’s development agenda.

She indicated that as a result of the commitment of taxpayers to pay their fair share, revenue collection was gradually increasing, evidenced by the collection of 91-percent of the revenue basket from domestic sources during the just ended 2017/2018 fiscal period as compared to the 88 percent accrued in 2016/2017 fiscal period.

Prince Moye, Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, recognized the importance of the taxpayers, stressing that their contributions were vital in supporting government’s programs and activities.

Also speaking, Economic Adviser to the president Charles Bright lauded the LRA for highlighting the efforts of the taxpayers by hosting an event to recognizing and appreciating them.

“With the fact that you have voluntarily paid your taxes, and in such large amounts, Liberia is grateful and we thanked all of you for commitment and dedication,” he stated.

In remarks, USAID Acting Mission Director Mervyn Farroe urged government to make the best use of the taxes collected so as to impact the wellbeing of the taxpayers.

He praised the commitment of taxpayers in paying their taxes to support development.

Speaking on behalf of the awardees, the Chief Executive Officer of Orange Liberia, MamadouCoulibaly, thanked the LRA for the recognition.

The Orange Liberia CEO said as taxpayers, they will continue playing their respective roles in supporting the government to achieve its development goals.

“Tax payment is a duty and we are proud to support the government’s Pro Poor Agenda by paying our taxes,” he noted.

The Taxpayer Appreciation Day event was also a commemoration of the celebration of the fourth anniversary of the formation and operations of the LRA.

In its median edition in July 2017, the LRA awarded 33 taxpayers in several categories.

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