Liberia Releases New Birth Certificate With Improved ‘Security Features’

By Robert Dixon |

Photo credit: News Newspaper

The new Director of the Bureau Of Vital Statistics Mr. Prince Momolu Kaba has disclosed that the current birth certificate previously issued by his bureau has been transformed with improved security features.

He said the certificate will not easily be duplicated due to the kind of security features that they have put in place, adding “this new certificate is very different from the old one that was easy to be facsimile by anyone.

In an interview with a team of Journalist at his office Friday, Mr. Kabba disclosed that more than seven persons have been arrested for forging the old certificate; something he said prompted the bureau to improve the security features on the birth certificates.

He said the new certificate has more than 20 security features including barcode that contains all of the applicant’s information that cannot easily be falsify.

According to him, every birth certificate printed by the bureau has its own serial number that when plug in the system will bring out of the information of the individual bearing that certificate.

Mr. Kaba told journalists that over 3,000 birth certificates have been printed since the new administration took over less than three months.

“So, if you come today at the birth certificate center and see our workers in their jacket, it will tell you that person is working here and you can talk to them if you need help,” he said.

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