LIBERIA: Rebuttal Witness Bursts Into Tears In Open Court In Zwedru

Flash Back: Woman in tears photo credit – Al Jazeera News Online

ZWEDRU, – The murder trial at the 7th Judicial Circuit Court in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County continued with rebuttal witness Madam Cecelia Kowu Thompson testifying at the request of the Prosecutor and County Attorney, Isaac B. Williams.

She was invited to the stand to rebut a statement made by murder accused Exodus Wamah that he never insulted, assaulted, or ill-treated any of his past relations.

According to Madam Cecelia Thompson, who burst into tears during her testimony, she and defendant Wamah began a love relationship in 2013 when she was working at ASFOM, a construction firm in Zolowee in Nimba County, where defendant Wamah also worked.

“I was given about US$4,000 weekly to cook for over 2,000 laborers. But anytime I bring the money home and prepare to go to the market, some money will be missing. It happened several times and anytime I asked my lover Wamah he will deny having knowledge of the missing money.

“And because of my good negotiation skills at the market, I sometimes return home with extra change, which I usually kept at home,” Cecelia explained.

According to her, because she is not lettered and good in counting money, Wamah took advantage of that and continued to steal from her.

Defendant Wamah later advised her to open a cash box at home where she usually kept her extra money, Cecelia narrated.

“This day, when Wamah left for Sanniquellie, I called my mother because I wanted to buy my zinc, ice box and some house materials. I opened the cash box and discovered not even a red five Liberian dollar note was in it.

“I called Wamah on the phone but he denied. My mother took the phone and threatened to go to Guinea and damage anyone that took the money. Then he admitted taking my money and appealed that he will pay it back,” Cecelia revealed.

She explained that upon his retun she asked Wamah, who was lodging in the house with her, to move out because she was no longer interested in the relationship.

Defendant Wamah “in his bitterness and usual wicked behaviour,” Cecelia told the court, lied to the management of the company that she would usually put odd things into the food she prepares, a claim that led the company to dismiss her.

Witness Cecelia said she later found out that Wamah was responsible for her dismissal, and he denied, but fortunately the manager had recorded his conversation.

“I lost my job with the company and life became difficult for me,” she explained with tears rolling down her face.

She placed a claim for the money that Wamah had stolen from her and pledged to repay, and the case was tried by the 8th Judicial Circuit Court in Sanniquellie where he was found guilty and told to pay back the US$4,000, a judgement he has not complied with to present.

Rebuttal witness Madam Cecelia Thompson and Armstrong Wonleh of the Crime Services Department of the Liberia National Police in Ganta, Nimba County, were brought before the 7thJudicial Circuit Court in Zwedru by the Prosecutor to rebut statements made by defendant Wamah in his testimony at the court.

The prosecution witnesses were testifying in a case where victim Viola Richmond Thompson and her 13 year-old daughter Annie Johnson Moore were murdered on March 10, 2017 in Ganta Nimba County.

Wamah was said to be in a love relationship with the late Viola before her mysterious death.

The case was transferred to the 7th Judicial Circuit Court in Zwedru with Judge George Wiles presiding.


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