LIBERIA: Randall Dobayou Finally Bags Degree

Acting Executive Director of the EPA Randall Dobayou

At long last, Randall Dobayou receives clearance to graduate after enduring punishment for his activities at AMEU in Monrovia. It can be recalled that Randall Dobayou Was a difficult student leader who others termed as the fearless student activist  and chairman of the progressive Students Alliance leading (PSALM) .

In 2012 he was suspended with 17 other students  for leading series of protests against the administration of AMEU for what they termed as bad administrative practices on the part of the administration.

Dobayou led series of protests which on 3 occasions  resisted the increment in tuition fees from 11 usd to 15 USD. He argued that students were paying higher fees (11 USD) without corresponding atmosphere for quality learning.

They believed teachers were not coming to class regularly because the administration failed to pay the teachers justly; In the end, the students were bearing the burden from teachers who stayed home.

The entire school building was locked for about two months after their last protest against said increment on Camp Johnson Road. The school then under the leadership of Dr. Jean Bell Manning and Bishop David Daniels saw their actions as act of lawlessness and defiance against the students’ handbook.

Dobayou and 17 of his colleagues including Oliver Yabbah, Richmond Kaydea, Alex Davies among others were suspended for time Indefinite . The now EPA acting Executive Director was a graduating senior then and chairman of the graduating class souvenir committee.

After his suspension, Dobayou Travelled to the USA where he graduated as a technical specialist in Refrigeration/Ventilation and Wind Turbine Technology from Vartterott Technical College. He also became an EPA certified Universal Technician while working as a wind Turbine Traveling Technician.

Dobayou also got a training in global climate Science and early warning communication system at Alabama State University in the USA. At the African Development Bank Institute, he was trained in Energy Economics, Environment and policy. When Our reporter today asked Mr. Dobayou if he was excited about the issuance of his Clarence for graduation ?

He responded that his formal graduation from AMEU was belated and long overdue. Dobayou said he is only excited about his current enrollment at Clark University where he is pursuing a Master of Science  in Environemntal Science and Development Policy.  His enrollment at the current University was based on the attestation written by AMEU indicating that he has completed all of the courses prescribed for graduation.

When asked about his critics; He asserted that he was never moved and will not be moved by people’s perception. He believes the truth can be hidden temporarily but the truth can not be defeated.  Completing the requirement for a degree is what matters to me,not matching or making big show, he concluded.

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