LIBERIA: PUL Presidential Candidate Octavin Williams, Vows To Establish Liberia’s First Independent Radio Station When Elected

Octavin Toegar Williams’ campaign team has announced the establishment of Liberia’s lone independent radio when elected President in the ensuing Press Union of Liberia election slated for 9th December 2019. Last time Liberia had one of such was several years ago when Star Radio was alive.

#TeamOctavin said the entity will be dubbed PUL Radio and will bring together Liberia’s brightest in the media to handle it with integrity, honesty and fairness to all actors.

At the same time, the team has also announced the establishment of a printing press to ease the huge cost publishers have to go through to come out daily on the market. The huge payment coupled with limited funding to the Liberian media has caused many entities to either shutdown or never to return to the news stand after one publication.

Octavin has been Vice president of the Press Union who was suspended for his stance on how the Press Union has been run by President Charles Coffey.

Octavin Williams comes from a strong independent media background as an employee of Catholic run Radio Veritas where he fought for press freedom, media independence amongst others.

Octavin and colleagues were amongst few journalists who stood firm when journalist Darlington Pelenah of Kings FM/Clar TV was imprisoned on frivolous armed robbery charges. His persistence in engaging the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s government had the journalist freed after nine months in jail.

His advocacy and tough reporting on critical issues in the country cannot be overemphasized; he and few journalists unearthed the corruption on Capitol Hill where he served as Radio Veritas correspondent which eventually led to senators removing Pro-Tempore Isaac Nyenabo at the time.

He has also been to jail for his stance on state actors who misuse the public trust making him to be the favorite candidate in the ensuing election as journalists remain at a crossroad on who to trust with their noble institution.

The wanton disregard for free press, journalists disrespected and some media houses unable to open has led to the union’s membership wanting a tougher leader with media struggle history who can engage national government to continue the path of encouraging free press at all times and respect for the rule of law.

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