President, Charles B. Coffey, Jr.

LIBERIA: PUL President, Charles Coffey Underwent Surgery At JFK Medical Center Successfully

President, Charles B. Coffey, Jr.

Monrovia, May 31, 2023: The Press Union of Liberia says surgery intending to repair the fracture thigh and dislocated knee of its President, Charles B. Coffey, Jr. has gone on successfully at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center.

President Coffey has been returned to his hospital chamber stable, where he is being monitored by medical professionals, according to a PUL release. A team of skilled doctors participated in the medical procedure, which lasted just over four hours.

The Union said that President Coffey is currently subject to mandatory monitoring, which prohibits visits from members of his extended family, work colleagues, and the general public.

A commercial car struck President Coffey and his driver, instantly killing the motorbike’s operator and leaving Coffey with a fractured thigh and a dislocated knee.

The Press Union of Liberia implores you to keep President Coffey and his driver in your prayers for a speedy recovery.

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