Public Works Minister, Ruth Coker-Collins

LIBERIA: Public Works Ministry Officials Escape Common Jail Sentence….

Public Works Minister, Ruth Coker-Collins

Authorities of the Ministry of Public Works escaped a common jail sentence for reportedly lying under oath.

The officials include Minister Ruth Coker-Collins, Deputy Minister for Administration Joseph Todd, Deputy Minister for Technical Services Amos Barclay, and Assistant Minister for Operations Kaustella Kialai-Sarsih.

It followed their appearance on Tuesday, July 11, 2023, along with the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA), National Road Fund, and the Public Procurement and Concession Commission.

Speaking during the hearing, authorities of the Public Works Ministry explained that the road from Buchanan to Pleebo is being maintained by different construction companies.

But the Senators argued that the major highway is in deplorable condition without any ongoing work, as such, authorities of the Ministry lied under oath, which warrants a contempt charge.

Meanwhile, the Senate has mandated the Public Works Authorities to reappear on Thursday, along with their lawyers to give a reason why they should not be held in contempt.

Source: LBS

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