“Liberia Problem is an old age problem not pres. George Weah” – MPC Simeon Freeman

By Amos Harris

The political leader of the opposition Movement for Progressive Change (MPC), Simeon Freeman said Liberia problem is an old age problem not this current President George M. Weah

Speaking yesterday May 3, 2023 Press Conference at the headquarters Movement for Progressive Change (MPC) on the airfield, he said it was now time Liberians reduced politicians forming a coalition to win elections to develop the country.

Meanwhile, the MPC political leader called on his fellow politicians to desist from attacking each other, stop the attacks on each other and focus on who can win the election in Liberia.

The MPC political leader said Liberians need a leader that will provide a direction to ensure peace and unity rather than someone who will be mocking his rivals.

“I want politicians who will be telling the public his plans to solve the controversy of healthcare, education and the poor state of the economy.

He said road development across the country is another serious topic that should be discussed by politicians seeking to get elected and not too much.”

MPC Boss said Liberians are suffering and is now time the opposition to galvanize their strength to redeem the country.

 According to the MPC political leader, the opposition came together and redeemed Liberia by submitting to the people an individual who can address Liberia’s problems.

 Let forget about this whole idea of forming a coalition to just win elections, leaving the country at the same stage of poverty.

The MPC political leader said Liberians need a leader that will only sit and talk without affecting change on the major issues the country is faced with.

“I suspect that the Liberians are more concerned about a leader that will transform their lives, and one who has the country and its people at heart.”

We came together as united opposition leaders, and at the end, we saw the CDC coming to state power and we can still do it but this time around the focus should not be the forming of a coalition.

 If I am elected president, “Under the MPC administration we will make sure Liberia produces basic communities in Liberia to be available to all citizens throughout our country.

Meanwhile, Simeon Freeman said Liberia is still challenged for the past 70 years, and President Weah is not the cause of the problem, our people are jobless, hopeless and they need a leader that will work in their interest, not someone who does not have any vision for the country and its people.”

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