LIBERIA: Presidential Hopeful  Cllr. Gongloe Worships Almighty Allah at Key Monrovia Mosque

Team Gongloe Press Statement  

On Friday, August 26, 2022, Presidential Hopeful, Tiawan Saye Gongloe joined Muslims for Friday prayer at the Monrovia Central Mosque on Benson Street, popularly known and referred to as the ‘Benson Street Mosque’.

During the prayer service Cllr. says he was intrigued to hear the teaching of love, obedience, giving and forgiveness common to Christianity preached during the worship. He said that as a Catholic he is tolerant of other religious doctrines as Pope Francis has demonstrated by his visit to the Arabian Peninsula and praying with Islamic clerics in mosques. The sermon delivered by the Chief Imam, Ali Krayee to the Muslim congregation Friday, further strengthened his belief that both Christians and Muslims believe in the oneness and supremacy of God. Imam Krayee offered a special prayer of the Presidential Hopeful, asking God to continue to give him good health, and grant his wishes as he strives to win the topmost post of President of Liberia in 2023 for making Liberia a better place for all.

In a few words, Cllr. Gongloe thanked the congregation for the opportunity to worship the Almighty Allah with them, and stated his commitment to make the Government of Liberia obey the Biblical Commandment #8: “Thou Shall Not steal.” He stressed: “If the President of Liberia does not steal, the ministers will not steal.” In this, he often makes reference to the uncontrollable corruption orchestrated by some senior officials of the Government under President George Manneh Weah’s watch. According to him, corruption in Liberia has become so uncontrollable that Liberia is now in the Intensive Care Unit gasping for breath. Therefore, he called on Liberians not to re-elect President Weah because by doing so they would be committing a suicide.

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