Liberia Presidential Candidate visit Africa Town, Pennsylvania

On Saturday, June 12, 2021, the People Liberation Party (PLP) standard bearer Dr. Daniel E. Cassel visit Liberians living in South West Philly, AKA Africa Town at the renowned FOUR SEASAON CAFÉ. In his exchange with fellow Liberians, Dr. Cassell stresses the need for inclusion, equal rights, and justice for all Liberians.

Mr. Dr. Daniel Cassell

Dr. Cassell strongly believes that these fundamental rights have been taken away from many Liberians – where only the rich and well connected to power enjoy these privileges; thereby keeping the country in despair and bringing abject poverty to ordinary Liberians. He believes as a new comer to politics with fresh vision for all Liberians, he can change the narrative by the restoring these fundamental rights that only the well connected to power are privy to.

During his presentation, Dr. Cassell draw a contrast between him and President George Weah. Dr. Cassell believes that he is more financially discipline than President Weah. He also mentioned that people always compare his story to that of President Weah – that they both started from the bottom to success. But Dr. Cassell believes that his story is a bit different; he was a homeless person and an undocumented immigrant – who struggle to put himself through school to become a Doctor degree holder and by building himself a successful business that have made him today a multi-millionaire. He continued: “Dr. Cassell struggle to success might be similar to that of President Weah but the is HUGE difference when it comes to being financially discipline. He has been able to turn pennies in millions of dollars – while on the other hand every dollar or penny President Weah earned before his ascendancy to power; he squanders all of it, and has been wasting the country resources since he came to power.”

Dr. Cassell also emphasize to those in attendance at FOUR SEASAON CAFÉ on Woodland Avenue, AKA Benkoma Boulevard, that President Weah is not just the only person that has plunge Liberia into backwardness. He said that some of the major actors that are currently in the opposition and seeking state power are also to blame for the suffering that Liberians are going through. He believes that the 12 years rule by the opposition should have prepare every Liberians economically to withstand the wasted three years of this administration. But the past administration fails all Liberians, on all accounts, and should not be given a chance to claim state power again.

Candidate Cassell also stresses that with his fresh vision and fiscal disciplinary skills, he can turn Liberia into what he has done for his businesses. From being one of the poorest countries in the world to becoming one of the best countries with strong financial discipline as he has done for his companies. Dr. Cassell strongly believes that his party will be a great alternative to the current administration.

Dr. Daniel E. Cassel left Africa Town with an inspiration from the many African flags lined through out the upcoming business street known as Benkoma Boulevard, PA. He encouraged his African brothers and sisters to visit Benkoma Boulevard and enjoy shopping. To also have the great taste of the African and Caribbean food.  

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