LIBERIA: Presidential Ambition  Not To Get Rich  – Cummings

The Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Alexander Cummings, says his Presidential quest is  not intended to get rich, but rather to join the honest efforts of others to change Liberia for the betterment of all Liberians.

Cummings said to change the country’s direction and allievate the extreme suffering and poverty, it will require a leader that is physically ready and mentally strong, as he and the CPP are ready.

He made the assertions on July 25, in an address to the nation, marking Liberia’s 176th Independence celebration and ahead of a critical election slated October 10.

Cummings said after a successful career in the private sector, it will be a disservice for honest Liberians to just sit aside and leave the country to politicians who are only interested in themselves and their families, adding that nothing will ever change in Liberia with such a mindset.

The CPP Standard Bearer said his commitment to real change is not a mere political slogan, but rather his sincere commitment to break away from the centuries old ways of bad governance including corruption, mediocrity, underdevelopment, without first class schools, hospitals and unpaved and impassable roads.

Cummings said his quest for the Presidency is to halt the gross mismanagement of the country’s resources, “change the selfish, greedy, corrupt and exclusionary mindset that continues to keep the vast majority poor, retard progress and keep the people divided.”

He said ” all Liberians own Liberia. All Liberians deserve to benefit from the riches,” and vowed that this mindset will be the guidepost for all public policies and actions of the Cummings-led government.

Cummings said fixing the economy means growing small businesses and allowing the Liberian entrepreneurial spirit to soar. “Under a Cummings leadership, Liberian business women don’t have to worry about loans to grow their businesses,” the CPP Standard Bearer assured, noting that every sincere hard working Liberian, will be given maximum support to succeed in their business career aimed at creating a vibrant private sector.”

He said from sports to business, to science and arts, success in Liberia will not be a privilege for few, but rather it will be real possibility for all who are willing to venture.

Cummings vowed that a CPP Government will provide access to resources, mentorship and financial support to turn ideas and dreams of Liberians into reality and will foster technological advancement to bridge the digital gap into the the 21st century.

“We will challenge the universities and higher learning institutions to undertake research, expand the creativity, imagination and innovations of professors and students aimed at finding home-grown and sustainable solutions to challenges in areas of medicine, manufacturing, nutrition and food security,” Cummings said.

He recalled that since his political sojourn, lots have happened to him, including lies, false persecution and conspiracies, all intended to thwart his Presidential ambition but with God’s protection, all have failed.

Cummings reaffirmed    a CPP Government commitment to good governance, fighting corruption, and fixing the economy for massive job creations for the thousands of unemployed Liberians.

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