LIBERIA: Police Say Burglary Occurred At Roots FM, Not Armed Robbery

Liberia Police Chief, Inspector Patrick Sudue

The Liberia National Police has ruled out armed robbery at Roots FM 102.7 that was reported on February 11. Police say it was a burglary, instead.

And this was based on the findings of the preliminary investigation conducted, Police Inspector General, Col. Patrick Sudue told the news conference recently at the Ministry of Justice.

He said the management of Roots FM failed to fully cooperate with investigation in the aftermath of an alleged armed robbery.

The Station Manager Fidel Saydee did not provide description of the alleged stolen radio transmitter to include its serial number, purchase order, and the user’s manual, the police boss said.

Col. Sudue said that Saydee’s “refusal” hindered the investigation, making it difficult to establish the actual identity of the transmitter said to be stolen.

But Saydee told the Liberia News Agency that when accompanied by his legal counsel to the central police headquarters upon invitation, he made a written statement about an alleged robbery incident, even though he did not provide the information as needed, according to the police.

The journalist further said that the management of the station would love to provide those pieces of information should the police call him back.

According to the police, statements were collected from some individuals claiming to be watchmen on the night of the “robbery”.

The private security guard, who reported the incident, told the police that he was attacked by four unknown masked men, armed with knives, pistols and other weapons to make their way into the facility, but his accounts did not convince detectives, said Col. Sudue.

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