Police Officer Life At Risk … For suspicion of possession of Classified Evidence

As the CDC led government sink this country further to the ground, another wave of attacks have been melted on a number of Police officer who have pledge to upholding the standard of the entity to high esteemed and not becoming partisan Police.

Supt. Archie Barnard of the Patrol division and some members of the Liberia National Police lives came under serious attack after they were assign at the National Election Commission on Tuesday August 13, 2019 where a violent incident occur between partisan of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), supporter of ABU Kamara and supporters of Miss Telia Urey candidate of the All Liberian Party and supported by a collaboration parties.

Some members of the secret elite force started haunting Supt. Archie Barnard for reasons they believe that he and other officers assign there were in possession of a recording of a woman identify as Justina Taylor.

On the same Tuesday August 13, 1019, while on special assignment at the National Election Commission, Supt. Barnard and some other officer’s witness and film madam Justina Taylor making so malicious allegations against the Government of President George Weah, and making specific reference to his City Mayor Jefferson Koijee.

In the video, Ms. Taylor who spoke via video that went viral on social media making several allegations against officials of the government, accusing the current Monrovia City Corporation (MCC), Jefferson Koijee of being a murderer who killed a lady because she had a deformed baby during the days of the former Liberian leader, Charles Taylor, and further threatened to expose President Weah in the days to come has taken many by surprise for her revelations.

Ms. Taylor who was very emotional during the video interview revealed that in the days to come she was preparing to release sensitive information in her possession to expose President Weah and dozens of his officials who she alleged had some hidden agenda at the detriment of the Liberian people.

She however named some other people that were targeted by these ‘death squad’ and should take precaution with their lives.

Supt. Archie Barnard being a senior officer within the rank of the police officers assigned there was targeted for being possession of what they termed as a damaging video recording that have the propensity to derail the image of the George Weah administration and its officials.

Supt. Archie Barnard was at one time quizzed on weather and why he had these video recordings in his possession and what was his intend of possessing such recordings.

Supt. Archie Barnard home and surroundings were often visited by some unknown men at night who were suspected to be of potential threat.

Supt. Barnard was save by an unknown caller who claimed that he (Archie) assisted him before on one occasion and that he should leave his house and not sleep there that night.

The caller claim that he was at the City Hall in Monrovia and overheard a conversation from some members believe to be bodyguards of City Mayor Jefferson Koijee that after Jestina Taylor, the police officer Archie Barnard and all those that were doing the recording should be exterminated leaving no stone on touch as the recording was denigrating to the CDC government and the mayor.

Justina Taylor was abducted by unknown men late that same Tuesday August 13 and later found unconscious by passers-by on the Robertsfield Highway. She later claimed this occurred on the same day she appeared in a video making wide range of allegations against stalwarts of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) that went viral on Facebook. CAN WE GET A LINE ON THE ALLEGATIONS?

Jestina Kumba Taylor Ghartey, the 48-year old woman was attacked and drugged by some unknown men hours after she appeared in a live Facebook video, accusing the Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee of murder and knowledge of the whereabouts of a stash of weapons and ammunition, is lying in sick bed with her right leg paralyzed at the St. Joseph’s Catholic Hospital. You can read more at https://www.liberianobserver.com/news/drugged-raped-and-left-for-dead/

Madam Justina Taylor is now fighting for her life in hospital where she told reporters that she was frustrated that she doesn’t feel the police have done anything other than occupy her hospital room. Four police officers deployed at the entrance of the hospital and four others at door of her ward.

Madam Justina Taylor maintains that nobody has come here from the police to ask how it happened,” she told reporters from her bed on her private ward at the St. Joseph Catholic Hospital. “Nobody from the police authority has come to say ‘we are going to investigate. We are behind you.’ All they do is to send PSU, PSU,” the mother of one daughter continued.

She said I have no more privacy as police officers flock her ward, restricting her access. “The police are all in my room,” she lamented. “The other night they were sleeping on the other bed.

“How can you protect me when I can’t even sleep? The police are stopping my family from coming to see me. They stopped my pastor. They stopped my sister,” she said.

“I want the police to go to Robertsfield Highway, whatever way, and find out who did this to me. I don’t need them in my room.”

Supt. Archie Barnard was relieved from his deputy commander position at the Zone 1 Police Station because he was not willing to be a partisan Police officer.

Supt. Archie Barnard had to disappear of from his surrounding and slept around from friends to friends until his departure from Liberia.

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