LIBERIA: Police Nab Man, 42, For Alleged Link To Flogging Of 2 Female Teenagers In Bomi

Flash Back: A Global Crescendo photographer caught this man beating his pregnant wife. The man in the background looking on appears to be laughing. Photo: Kebeh Jallah

Police in Bomi County have arrested a 42 year-old man for illegally ordering the flogging of two teenage girls whose parents are managing the home of former Superintendent Hajah Washington in Tubmanburg City, the county seat.

Suspect Ormuru Samuvullah’s wife and the mother of the two girls, according to reports, have been at loggerheads for a protracted period, leading both parties to resort to insulting one another at times.

This prompted Samuvullah to order some yet unidentified boys from Tubmanburg to enter the home of former Superintendent Washington and beat up the girls while their parents were out of the house.

According to Police report, victims Louise Varney, aged 13, and Famata Holmes, aged 17, had to be rushed to the Liberian government hospital in Tubmanburg for treatment after the incident.

The report shows that the victims are currently in critical condition at the hospital.


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