LIBERIA: Police Charges Guinean, 37, For ‘Murder’ Of Neighbor

Inspector Patrick Sudu, Liberia National Police Chief

The Liberia National Police (LNP) has charged and forwarded to court a Guinean national identified as Salieu Jalloh for the alleged murder of his neighbor, Alpha Jalloh, in the Township of West Point.

Jalloh, age 37, according to police investigation, committed the offense by stabbing the deceased in his right breast with a black handle kitchen knife on November 26 in violation of Chapter 14, subchapter “A” section 14.1 of the revised Penal Law of the Republic of Liberia.

Police investigation also gathered that the defendant harbored suspicion that the victim was having a love affair with his wife and warned the deceased several times to stop the relationship with his wife.

The investigation further unveiled that on November 26 during the evening hours, defendant Jalloh went at his wife’s business center to help pack her market and when he returned home he met the deceased and his brother in the yard where they were about to boil their evening tea.

Jalloh, according to the investigation, went into his house without making any comment and later returned to engage the victim into a fight.

The accused, according to the investigation, choked the victim who was unaware of the attack.

Eyewitnesses told the police investigation that after the intervention of Amadou Jalloh (brother of the deceased) the fight was cut off, but the accused went into his house and returned with a black handle kitchen knife which he used to stab the victim in the chest.

The deceased, the investigation noted, was pronounced Dead on Arrival (DOA) at the John F. Kennedy Hospital.

Also, in its findings, the LNP concluded that the killing of victim Alpha Jalloh was completely out of jealousy and that the action of the perpetrator was intentional and with malice and disregard to human life.

Meanwhile, Jalloh, a Fulani, is awaiting court trial.


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