LIBERIA: Picnicess Residents Protest Against Ritualistic Killings

From Emmanuel S. Koffa | GNN Correspondent | Grand Kru County

Hundreds of inhabitants from Picnicess Community took the principle streets of Barclayville last Monday August 31, 2020 with placards to angrily protested against ritualistic killings in their community.

The angry Picnicess residents marched to the Administrative Building, the offices of the Superintendent and other local authorities, presenting their second petition to Superintendent Doris Ylatun in the present of other county officials.

Presenting the petition to the county Superintendent, Madam Precilious Togba said, “we the people of Picnicess wish to extend our thanks and appreciation to the county authority and the entire citizens of Grand Kru County for their active involvement in the plight of the Picnicess people. We again at this time wish to inform the people of Grand Kru County that the problems in the Picnicess chiefdom is escalating though the influence of the Grand Kru caucus headed by honorable Peter S. Coleman who told us and we quote; if you are not mindful in keeping with government mandate that Mr. Tamba Bundo should stop work then it will be the war that was fought between Sasstown and the government of Liberia from 1930 to 1934 in your chiefdom.”

Grand Kru County Superintendent, Madam Doris Ylatun Receiving the petition.

Meanwhile, in the petition addressed to Superintendent Doris Ylatun, the angry Picnicess populace are again appealing to the county authority and the people of Grand kru county to join in collaboration with the central government to ensure that native doctor Tamba Bundo work that started be completed for safety of their lives.

During the protest, citizens from the Picnicess Community were seen with their pots, dishes, mattresses stressing that they will not return back to the community with their lives in fear.

Their protest was also intended to appeal to the county authority and the Ministry of Internal Affairs to allow witch-hunter Tamba Bundo resumes his operations of cleaning the Picnicess Community from ritualistic activities.

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