LIBERIA: Petroleum Dealers In Trouble, Amid $20.3M Import Tax Liability

By Amos Harris

Mr. Boniface Satu, Chief Executive Officer – NRF

The Executive Director of the National Road Funds (NRF) in Liberia, Benefice Satu says, because of constant withholding or delays on prompt payments against tax leverages on petroleum products being imported into this Country has posed serious constraints on national government’s socio-political and economic development especially roads connectivity and health-care delivery services..

 He observes that with a goods roads network and steady supplies of petroleum products on the markets, the Government of Liberia can be capable of enhancing its commitments to providing goods and services to its people, and build more roads for safe travels for all local and international commuters.

Director Satu appeared before the House of National Legislature on Capitol Hill, Monrovia to comment on current reports of “Hugh indebtedness or expressed liabilities being incurred by our major petroleum importers who accordingly, are said to be engaged in constant delays, withhold or blatant refusal to settle tax arrears with the Government.

However, Mr. Satu maintained that his agency remains well on course with prompt remittances of funds being collected and transferred to its relevant banking agencies in this Country covering the periods of 2017 to September 2021. However, this time the NRF has been informed that revenues intakes on petroleum products are no longer in hands of Liberia Revenues Agency (LRA), rather, “It’s the Ministry of Justice that is now uncharged with such collection.” He explained.

Mr. Satu’s comments were buttressed by the LRA Deputy Director for Technical Services, Gabriel Y. Mocgremory whose agency was also invited by lawmakers to also take a stance at Thursday’s session.

He however attested to Mr. SATU’s information but could not vividly expound on the petroleum fees collection scheme to the Ministry of Justice as the NRF spokesman had earlier claimed.

Against this background, other major petrol importers who were said to be in good standing with the Government on routine payments of liabilities under the period covering 2017 to September 2021, and these importers include; SRIMEX with payment amounting to 6,307,654.45; A,INATA – $715,568.30; CONNEX-$9,338,870.24; NATIONAL PETRO-$726,402.87

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