LIBERIA: Over 3,000 Employees At BMMC Pour Praises On Management For Conducive Incentives, Salaries

Modern housing facilities for employees

A visit to the operating site of the Bea Mountain Mining Corporation (BMMC) by our staff saw how some of the over 3,000 employees could not withhold their feelings about the improved working condition and the lucrative salaries being paid to them, and other incentives.

According to the management, 98% of its workforce are Liberians who are been paid efficiently, realizing that the salary structure of this company is the highest in the sector, with the least salary being put at US$400.00; as a result of this every employees who spoke to reporters were seen beeping with smiles.

The employees speaking to the GNN-Liberia at the company’s operational site, bragged in their lives for the first time to receive huge salary as compared to previous places where they have worked, lauding the management team for its thoughtfulness to improving the livelihood of its employees.

BMMC empowering women – “What man can do, woman can also do the same”

During the tour of the company’s facilities, journalists were opportune to interact group of women who also expressed their gratitude the BMMC management for the establishment of a vocational school aimed at providing vocational skills to the company’s operational site, while at the same time making available to employees and other residents in the operating area of the company to receive what is described as a interest-free loan services.

According to the management in its bid to improving the livelihood of its employees and their dependents, and others, a gigantic modern market have been built, taken marketers from mis-shift market stalls to a concrete modern market building, the women in their happy mood overwhelmingly expressed thanks to the management for this gesture.

Members of the BMMC interest-free loan service

The BMMC in its drive to making sure that residents and employees of every sector of its operational site are happy, and enjoy every aspects including getting a reliable news and information, a local radio station for the people is nearing completion, according to the management, this radio station when completed and furnished will be turned over to the community.

One of the vocational schools for skill training program

The tour of the company’s site by journalists was very exciting when young women were seen running competition with their male truck drivers, a situation that was admired, as the female truck drivers were in high gear moving their respective assigned trucks as their male partners also did. This action on the part of the management of BMMC actualized the common saying, “What man can do, woman can also do the same”, this slogan was indeed actualized.

Concluding the BMMC tour, journalists were interested to talking to other residents about their impression of the level of BMMC relationship with them, they also used out visit to apologize to the management for the negative propaganda carryout in recent months on the reported water pollution which went viral, and said all that was done was the work of detractors, and further lauded the commitment of the management for been resolute about its operation despite of all the negatives.

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