LIBERIA: Opposition ANC Condemns the Arrest of its Partisan, Jethro K. S. Harris

Jethro Saylah Kangar Harris and his political leader, Alexander B. Cummings

According to a press release issued over the weekend, the  Alternative National Congress (ANC) says it  is deeply troubled by the intimidating, provocative, and baseless arrest of our young partisan, Jethro S. K. Harris by the Liberia National Police, (LNP).  This arrest occurred in Ganta, Nimba County, while the ANC was providing support to partisan Lawrence Sua, the CPP Candidate in the District 1, Nimba County By-election.

We view partisan Harris’ arrest as another proof of the growing wave of insecurity, political intimidation, suppressive tactics and outright lawlessness overtaking the country including by those who are sworn to protect citizens and ensure obedience to the law. This is unacceptable.

A team of ANC lawyers are following the legal process to secure the release of Partisan Harris. However, we wish to make it absolutely clear that the ANC rejects the continuous abuse and misuse of the LNP, which is supposed to be an agency of the state for the administration of the rule of law and the protection of rights and civil liberties of all Liberians, for narrow partisan purposes including to intimidate, harass and provoke Liberians especially members of the opposition community.

Instilling fear in the population and engaging in state-sponsored lawlessness is wrong for our country, threatens our hard-won democracy, risks foreign investments and undermines potentials for growth of the economy. Moreover, Liberians are collectively resolved not to return to the dark days of tyranny. Leaders of the government would be wise to be aware of commitments of Liberians, and act to ensure our society is respectful of rights and protective of civil liberties.

Again, we call on the Liberia National Police to protect the lives and properties of the Liberian people rather than harass and violate the rights and civil liberties of citizens.

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