LIBERIA: Old Folks Commend Bea Mountain

The Chairman of Resettlement  program for Kinjor and Lajor in Grand Cape mount county have commended Bea mining Company for living up to its commitment.  Speaking on local radio this week,  Mr. Lassana K Sambolah said Bea   mountain was living up to its  commitment towards the old folks and other deployment programs.

“Bea Mountain Mining Corporation resettled us and provided us a better livelihood. Our roads were damaged, but Bea Mountain has ensured its reconstruction. They’ve provided chairs for students and is currently paying staffs which has massively increased the number of instructors teaching, and quality education is now being given to our children through Bea  mountain,’’ he said on OK FM. The company is into gold mining in Cape mount county, western Liberia.

Recently, it distributed 350 bags of rice to three clans in the county to feed old folks. The company  has a monthly feeding program for  old folks.  Besides that,  it normally gives US$11,000 (Eleven thousand dollars) every three  months to the old folks in the three clans-Mana, laar and Darblor.

The company  he said  is  paying nurses  at the clinic salaries  it its operation area. It is one of the clinics that nurses are well paid as compared to other nurses in the county in other clinics.

“We are benefiting from a clinic that was turned over to the government of Liberia by Bea Mountain, but nurses are still being sponsored by the company”.

“They’ve built vocational schools to empower our children, and constructed a market building for us–providing us with food and safe drinking water which has increased our population”, he said.

Also speaking on the same program, Host Communities Chairperson for Mana and MaClan,  mr.  Abraham Fofana, who has  been critical of the company’s operation over the time  has this to say: “After going into an agreement through the help of Minister Charles Gibson of the Labor Ministry, Bea Mountain has honestly been living up to the agreement, and we’re currently enjoying the coordination unlike in the past.”

“As part of the agreement from the Charles Gibson Committee, four hundred and fifty thousand United States dollars was given to the three clans where each clan was given One hundred and fifty thousand United States dollars and the money disbursed is currently being used to undertake projects”.

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